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Carr tends to pull to the left

While Kem Carr says he is retiring from his job at Decatur Utilities to accept another position in Washington state, a group of local golfers claims he has another motive.

The Weenies golfing group says Kem is trying to leave town before they can honor him with their Nautilus Award.

It seems that Kem had a recent run-in with a water hazard that may make him a legend at Decatur Country Club.

The DU general manager’s mishap is detailed in an e-mail, which allegedly began with a certain John Peters and was forward to a Daily editor by Wally Terry.

According to the e-mail, Kem was searching for two badly misplayed balls hooked to the left of the pine trees on hole one.

When he looked up, his cart, bag and clubs had rolled down the hill and were five feet out in the lake. Worse yet, they were sinking as they slid down toward a ledge that drops off into 30 feet of water.

The temperature was about 40 degrees with a nice breeze to lower the chill factor.

“With retirement approaching and money obviously a consideration in the purchase of new clubs,” the e-mail said, “Kem waded out into the lake up to his chest and grabbed the handle of his golf cart.”

But the cart continued downward toward the drop-off with Kem refusing to let go. He would either save his clubs or die trying.

Fortunately, John “Murph” Murphree arrived just in time to rescue Kem by extending his driver and pulling him out.

A lesser — or perhaps smarter — man might have called it a day, but Kem continued his round, playing holes two and three while soaking wet. In the meantime, his wife brought him dry clothes. Kem is said to have removed his wet clothes and redressed at the fourth tee, which may have violated the country club’s dress code.

The Weenies claim that Kem is moving across the country to avoid further embarrassment.

But they want to help him find a suitable country club in Washington. Ideally, it will have shallow ponds and a pro shop that rents snorkels.

Kem confirmed the story to The Daily. And, like a mountain climber gazing up at Washington’s Mount Rainier, he tried to explain his actions to one of his golfing friends.

“You may ask why does one try to swim in 30-degree water while playing a Weenies match?” Kem asked. “Because it is there, my friend. Because it is there.”

Scott Morris Scott Morris
DAILY City Editor

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