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SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2007


Little Payton fights for his woman

Don’t let the height chart fool you. Little Payton is a big man.

He courts our 8-year-old, Evie, and fights for her honor on the playground.

Having a high-maintenance girlfriend can be hard work, though. This probably explains why Little Payton disappeared from school one day.

It happened after recess. Everyone returned to Mrs. Owens’ class, everyone but Little Payton.

A teacher’s aide went to look for him. Where could he be? In the boys restroom? No. At the principal’s office? No. On the playground? Yes.

The teacher found Little Payton lying on the grass, sound asleep.

The aide woke him up and asked what happened.

“I fell down and forgot to get up,” Little Payton explained.

Evie’s grade has at least two other Payton/Peytons, but only one in her eyes.

To help distinguish between all these boys, everyone adds “Little” to the smallest one’s name.

Evie is no giant, but her man Payton’s head comes up to about her ears. He’s missing two front teeth, which the ladies find quite attractive.

According to Evie, the class was walking back to the room one day and the wind picked up Little Payton. She said she and another girl rushed to pull him back to earth.

But, usually, Little Payton is the hero.

One day Evie took her jump rope to use at recess. She held it while she played on the swings. Two big boys came up, grabbed it from her and ran off.

Super Payton flew to Evie’s side.

“Let me handle this,” he told her.

Then he chased down the bigger boys. Evie got her jump rope back. Life on the playground was safe again for girls and jump ropes.

After a recent field trip to Cook’s Natural Science Museum, Evie came home with a new necklace, a butterfly pendant on a chain.

“Did you buy that with your souvenir money?” Mom asked.

“No, Little Payton got it for me.”

“But Evie, you had money.”

“I know,” she answered. “He said I deserved it.”

Evie and Payton didn’t get to run the three-legged race together at field day last week, but Payton and his partner won ... unofficially.

The partner was a teenage girl who was helping with the event. She picked up Little Payton, still strapped to her leg, and ran to the finish line.

Scott Morris Scott Morris
DAILY City Editor

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