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These two go back a long way

Decatur Revenue Supervisor Ronne Harvell first worked on politics with state Rep. (and former Mayor) Bill Dukes, D-Decatur, when Ronne was a youngster.

They reminisced recently when Ronne visited Bill in Montgomery, M.J. Ellington reports.

Bill had a campaign sign in Ronne's friend's yard. Ronne thought it would be good to tell everyone he was working for Bill. "I just wrote in 'Ronne Harvell, Southeast Assistant,' " he explained. "I was just a kid."

Bill learned about his assistant when he received a telephone call asking who was working for him in the Pennylane area.

Create — and repair

Jason Braly, Creekside Elementary art teacher and systemwide teacher of the year, showcased student art during a Limestone County Board of Education meeting covered by Holly Hollman.

One student named Brandon had made two objects from cardboard and wood. While Brandon explained his dragonfly, Jason attempted to put the second object on the table but dropped it on the floor.

"There goes the robot!" a third-grader named Rachel exclaimed. Jason said he would repair the decapitated robot with glue.

"They're learning how to fix things in art class, too," Jason said.

A few miles off

Maybe those wonderful scanning machines at the post office got confused.

A couple who live on Coranada Drive Southwest in Decatur, AL 35603 received a letter from Sierra Vista, Ariz., addressed to their house number on Congdon Avenue, Bisbee, AZ 85603.

Well, it's close.

License thief

Sheryl Marsh reports on a young woman who sought a duplicate driver license at the Morgan County Courthouse.

She had no identification, so the clerk suggested getting a birth certificate from the health department. Thirty minutes later, the woman was back, saying that didn't work because she was adopted.

She gave a Social Security number, but the clerk found it was someone else's. She did not issue the duplicate license.

The next day, the true owner of the license came to get a duplicate, saying that someone had stolen her purse.

Rewriting history?

Deangelo McDaniel tells about two historians who were talking about John Brown while working in local archives. They mentioned everything from where Brown was born to his view on slavery.

At lunch, a third historian tried to correct things he'd overheard. He mentioned that John Brown was from the North and his mission was to abolish slavery.

The others explained that they had not been talking about the John Brown who led 21 men on a raid of the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Va.

"Thank you for telling me that," the man responded. "I'm 80, and I thought my history teacher was wrong."

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