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Diamond turns up in the dash

Sometimes happy endings follow unfortunate events.

A violent three-car collision dislodged an accident victim's solitaire diamond from her ring, Chris Paschenko reports.

She thought she'd lost it. Firefighters combed the area that afternoon, but the setting sun, reflecting on the shattered glass that littered the street, made each shard look like the lost stone.

One firefighter with a keen eye found it on the crumpled car's dash. He gave it to a state trooper, who would later see the woman at the hospital.

Fashion faux pas

You're never too young to be a fashion model, but don't expect the youngest ones to take care of the clothes.

At 8 weeks, Caster Sandifer made a mess of his modeling debut Thursday at a summer fashion show and luncheon benefiting Hospice of the Valley's Community Bereavement Center, The Healing House.

Fortunately for him, his mother, Renee, owns Chick Pea children's shop and the fashions he wore, but his modeling came to an abrupt halt.

"He pooped in two outfits and also messed up my white slacks," said his mom. She told Patrice Stewart that she still loves him, even if she did have to spend much of the show cleaning up.

Perfect fit

Melanie Smith heard a preacher, filling in at a Trussville church, recall how he and his high school friends dressed to look cool more than 50 years ago.

The Rev. Bobby Britt said jeans had to be so tight "you couldn't tell if we were inside trying to get out of them or outside trying to get in."

Mom will provide

The mama and her chicks must have been famished during the recent drought.

Lauren Howard had a few minutes to bird-watch after her car broke down Friday on Lee Street Northeast.

A morning downpour must have washed up earthworms. One provider ducked her head into the turf at a robotic pace, each time emerging with another worm.

Mama wasn't taking first dibs. After plucking a beakful of slimy crawlers, she took off toward a nest of squealing babies.

Then flew in the next mother, and the next ...

Flirting while intoxicated

"You have beautiful green eyes," the man told the woman sitting in the car beside him. He touched her arm. But she was a state trooper, and he had just been in an accident and had failed three roadside sobriety tests. It happened in Woodville, Maine, according to The Associated Press.

She got out the handcuffs, and he tried to cuff himself to her, saying, "I just want us to be tied together."

She charged him with assaulting an officer, among other things.

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