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SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2005

Steve Stewart

A secluded little wedding in Las Vegas

Jackie Gershwin of Decatur could never find anything to dislike about her longtime pal, the late Janet Leigh, or the actress' friends. Jackie told Ronnie Thomas about her wedding to the late movie producer Jerry Gershwin.

"We were to wed at The Sands Hotel in Las Vegas on June 17, 1955, but Janet and her husband, Tony Curtis, became upset when photographers came pounding in," Jackie said.

"Janet called her friend Beldon Kattleman, owner of the El Rancho Hotel, and he told her 'to slip the party on over, and we'll have the wedding here.' It worked, and a swell time was had by all."

Want a pro contract?

Always looking for football talent in North Alabama, Tennessee Valley Raptors coach Dick Adams admits he watches some of the contests that take place during game timeouts.

In one contest, a Raptors fan tries to win prizes by throwing a football across the field into the back of a moving pickup, says Michael Wetzel.

"I'm always watching that contest. I might sign somebody who can toss it and win. We're always needing talent," Dick said.

Watch your valuables

A Decatur restaurant customer found himself on the receiving end of a theft allegation, says Paul Stackhouse.

A waitress asked out loud who took her front section of THE DAILY. Looking around, she saw the customer reading his own front section and said, "There it is — you've got it."

"I plead not guilty," the customer replied, holding up the other sections of his newspaper. "I bought my own paper."

Puzzled, the waitress fumbled through her paper and announced, "Oh, OK. Here it is. Somebody folded it back wrong."

The waitress made a point to wish the customer a nice day as he paid and left. At the exit, he waved goodbye using all sections of the newspaper.

Practical prayer

Sharne Rice, 17, and Christopher Rice, 11, of Decatur had worked and saved their money for a day at Point Mallard Park, their mom, the Rev. Yvette Rice, told Melanie Smith.

The day they were planning to go, rain was in the forecast. They decided to pray for a weather change.

No rain fell, so off they went to enjoy the day.

"They said, 'Jesus did it,' " Yvette said.

Not in my back yard

A child's version of government is usually more entertaining than the real thing, observes Martin Burkey.

Decatur City Councilman David Bolding brought his daughter to a council meeting. When they got home, Carol Bolding asked the 10-year-old if she learned anything.

"No," Caki declared. "Some guy got mad because they wanted to build a dugout in his back yard."

David had to explain that a lounge named The Dugout applied for a club license, and neighbors opposed the potential location of a round-the-clock bar so close to their homes.

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