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Cobbs family has big night at ballgame

Garrett Cobbs, 18, of Hartselle was representing "many individuals with disabilities" when he sang the national anthem at the Huntsville Stars' baseball game Monday night, said his mother, Rita.

Garrett has cerebral palsy and is mentally challenged. He has sung the anthem for Special Olympics and church programs. Monday, he was representing Children's Rehabilitation Service of Huntsville, United Cerebral Palsy and Brewer High School.

"With or without a disability, there are no limits as to what one can do," Rita says. "Garrett is our oldest son. We (she and husband Jerry) have Joel, age 16, and Ethan, age 10, who also have different types of seizures."

Read more about them at the Epilepsy Foundation's Web site, Click on "Heroes Among Us" and look for "4Ethan."

Monday turned out to be an even bigger night than expected for this family. Garrett sang; Joel won a pack of baseball cards in a ball-catching contest; and Ethan won a T-shirt after beating the skunk mascot around the bases.

To top it off, the Cobbs car was judged dirtiest in the parking lot. The prize: a car wash.

Contribution from afar

Michael Studer of Lacey's Spring is a civilian contractor in Baghdad, Iraq. He noticed an article on and e-mailed DAILY Education Writer Bayne Hughes.

Former Austin High School JROTC cadet Seth Palmer, now a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, donated $1,000 to help Austin senior Marcellina Gomez go to Calhoun Community College. Two former classmates, Reginald Gholston and Michael Johnson, gave $500 and $250, respectively.

Michael said he, too, "wanted to help the young cadet get through college" and asked for Austin JROTC leader Col. James Walker's address. He wanted to send $250. Later, Michael reported that "the check is in the mail."

Pony ride

The Rev. Donnell Brown understands so-called rednecks, Melanie Smith heard him say.

Preaching at a Decatur church, Donnell said that years ago his father decided to go look at a pony and took a 1953 car with some of his children. They ended up hauling the pony back in the car.

Donnell and his brother worked hard to keep the pony lying on their laps in the back seat. They met some gawking travelers on the highway.

Donnell and his siblings enjoyed the pony for years. He's now director of missions for Morgan Baptist Association.

Who needs money?

Eric Fleischauer reports on a birthday celebration for a 10-year-old girl. Showered with gifts, she expressed sincere appreciation for each one, even those of questionable utility.

Her graciousness continued as she opened envelopes that relatives had stuffed with money, but she looked vexed.

"I already have enough money," she whispered to her dad.

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