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SUNDAY, JULY 10, 2005

Steve Stewart

Bride gets advice from her daughter

Parents spend their lives telling children what to do and not do, but at some point the roles switch.

When the son and daughters of James and Rose Burton of Somerville gave them a renewal-of-vows ceremony, they had to do a bit of coaching because the couple never had a formal wedding 33 years ago.

For example, when it was time to throw the bouquet, Rose just dropped it behind her.

A daughter grabbed it from the woman who picked it up and handed it back to her mother. "Do that again, Mama — you got to toss it; you can't just throw it behind you."

While the couple finished off a wedding feast of fried chicken and potato salad, Patrice Stewart saw their young grandsons in the hall, finishing off the beverage in the couple's toasting glasses.

Not to worry, said the wedding planners: It was only juice.

Oh, why not?!

Speaking of reversed roles, Eric Fleischauer reports watching a young mother in the parking lot of Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church.

The mother was hand in hand with her toddler when they came to a large puddle. The toddler successfully avoided the water.

Then the mother stopped. She walked her child back to the puddle. She jumped high and landed with a splash, soaking them both. With unsuppressed glee, the child did the same.

Papa Tankersley

Hartselle Mayor Dwight Tankersley did not know that he could survive on 90 minutes' sleep in a span of almost 30 hours, Deangelo McDaniel says.

But when you are going to be a grandparent, Dwight admits, almost anything is possible. A day and four hours after the mayor went to the hospital with his wife, Jenny, they were grandparents.

Daughter Brooke McHan gave birth to a 6-pound, 15-ounce boy at Parkway Medical Center in Decatur.

The grandparents, both Alabama football fans, are already looking at their grandson as a future Crimson Tide player.

Doing how?

When several members of The Pentecostals of Hartselle congregation heard Melanie Smith talking to their senior pastor, the Rev. Paul Pitts, they chimed in to repeat what he always says when asked, "How are you?"

"Fantastic!" they said in unison.

Paul and the members were working at the church fireworks stand just before July 4.


Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO John Seymour explained to the chamber board why he thought the Tennessee Valley Base Realignment and Closure Committee knows what it is doing.

"They have six retired generals on the committee," he said.

"Six retired generals and y'all, huh?" joked chamber board member and former Decatur Mayor Lynn Fowler.

Jay Wilson says that as everyone laughed, John got the last word.

"Yeah, you got ol' Sgt. Seymour in there too."

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