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SUNDAY, JULY 17, 2005

Steve Stewart

Snakes not welcome in Southwest

Decatur City Councilman Ray Metzger raised the bar for council members everywhere when a constituent phoned and demanded he come out and rid her neighborhood of water moccasins.

" 'If you care at all, you'll give me a call,' " he said, relating the message from Shirley Hollimon of Kathy Lane Court Southwest.

He went right out and found Shirley standing in the
driveway with her hands on her hips. Neighbor Derek Hampton had found two cottonmouths on consecutive nights last week in a clogged drainage ditch between Williamsburg Court and Kathy Lane Court. He killed them with a hoe.

Another neighbor, Larry Greene, said one was about 2 feet long and the other about 3 feet.

Ray phoned Public Works Superintendent Franklin Parham, who said he would send a crew out ASAP to clear up the reptilian habitat.

Ray threw one of the snakes into his trunk and was offering to show it to various city and county officials later in the day. He didn't get any takers.

Jazzy, but not lethal

"ELECTRIC CHAIR," said the classified ad in THE DAILY. "JAZZY 1133. Used 2 hrs. Asking $1,800."

Let's see ... how many executions would take two hours at Holman prison?

No, the state wasn't getting rid of Yellow Mama. Wanda Little of Decatur was selling a motorized wheelchair. The word got out. A woman in Ireland is buying it for her niece in Canada.

(For more about Alabama's famous electric chair, Yellow Mama, and its picture, see the free online encyclopedia at

Don't jump to conclusions

Decatur Mayor Don Kyle's candid remarks about the Daikin-America Homestay program practically made Daikin General Manager Cliff Adams leap from his chair.

Cliff hastily grabbed the microphone to further explain one of the mayor's comments to parents and children in this year's Homestay program. Don had told the group his son attended the 10-day exchange to Japan last year.

To ensure no one thought Don's son received favoritism during the stringent selection process, Cliff explained the committee picked him before Don's election.

"So his son earned this on his own," he said, as reported by Paul Huggins.

Friends on both teams

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant retiree Bobby Brewer and his wife, Elizabeth, drove from their Loretto, Tenn., home to Cincinnati to watch the Braves and Reds play.

The Brewers were Braves fans "even during the rotten years," as the country song says.

They didn't get to see a win against the Reds, however. Bobby told Holly Hollman that was OK, because a Loretto High School graduate, David Weathers, pitched for the Reds.

"If we gotta lose, I'd rather lose to a hometown boy," Bobby said.

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