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Never too far away to find a neighbor

You never know whom you'll run into — in Birmingham or Botswana.

Ellis and Carol Chenault of Decatur made a "photographic safari" to Africa this summer. Carol told Patrice Stewart that while dining in Botswana, she spotted a familiar-looking young woman across the room.

It was Vanessa Volin, daughter of Cynthia and Tim Volin of Decatur. Vanessa, who loves animals of all types, did animal rescue and shelter volunteer work in Decatur.

She made earlier African safaris while earning her master's degree at the University of Colorado, and then decided to go again with friends. She is now director of development for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Colorado.

Wrong number

The Rev. Cheryl Blankenship, formerly of Decatur, raised eyebrows with her new cell-phone number, which contained 666.

Cheryl told Melanie Smith that she figured few people she encountered in her church-starting role would know of 666's negative connotations.

The book of Revelation names the number as the mark of the Beast. The Beast is connected with Satan, according to some interpretations.

Some people did seem taken aback that she, a minister, was using the number. She decided to change it rather than have it keep anyone from calling.

You can't come in

Ginger Grantland was at home near Hartselle when a knock sounded at the door.

Apparently she wasn't moving fast enough to answer it, according to Scott Morris, because the loud knocking continued with impatient persistence.

When she opened the door, she couldn't believe it. It surprised her so much that she ran to get her daughter, Ginny.

There's a deer at the door, Ginger told her.

Knowing that her mother is legally blind, Ginny went to investigate.

The deer turned out to be a neighbor's nanny goat, which was butting the storm door.

After a quick call, the neighbor reclaimed his goat.

Named for the job

Reporter Jay Wilson was amused when he reflected on the name of the man he was calling at the National Cotton Council in Memphis: Cotton Nelson.

Jay is not kin to Ham Wilson, former executive director of the Alabama Cattlemen's Association. Ham's meat of choice: beef.

Nowhere to sit

If you want to sit and watch a Tanner-East Limestone football game, get to the stadium early. The moods of those left standing deteriorate.

At this year's game at Tanner, East Limestone fans found empty seats in the reserved section on Tanner's side.

A Tanner parent ordered them out because they had not paid the $15 fee. When an East Limestone band parent said he only wanted to watch the band's halftime show, the Tanner parent said no.

"This ain't the NFL or college," Holly Hollman heard one East Limestone fan mutter. "It wouldn't be this hard to get a seat at a Tennessee-Alabama game."

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