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Rescued by a timely recusal

Priceville Town Councilman Sam Heflin, also a real estate agent, figured many residents had him on the hot seat for marketing property they opposed because the owner wanted it rezoned commercial.

During the council's public hearing on the issue Aug. 25, Sam recused himself.

Ronnie Thomas says that at a later meeting, Mayor Melvin Duran presented Sam an award for earning his designation as an Advanced Certified Public Official.

Later, a resident rose to congratulate Sam. He also read a line from the minutes of the Aug. 25 meeting:

"Councilman Sam Heflin rescued (sic) himself from the meeting at 7:08 p.m. and left the building."

Sam joined in the laughter.

Dewdrop's memoirs

In six typed pages, the late Dewdrop Berry gave details of her schooling, marrying a veterinarian and sleeping with bugs.

She left her thoughts for her family, including her son, Ardmore veterinarian Bill Berry.

Holly Hollman says Dewdrop wrote that she was the youngest of six, born in 1918, and her father named her.

"My Uncle Tom said that if he had known they were out of names, he would have sent (my parents) one."

Dewdrop told about things that interfered with schooling. Once her parents were late with her bus fare so they could pay for her new dress.

Dewdrop Berry, 87, died June 21. She was the widow of T.C. Berry.

Keeping the peace

Decatur City Council meetings can be full of useful information.

The Decatur Animal Shelter changed its name with City Council approval to Decatur Animal Services to emphasize that it does more than just house stray animals. Director Danny Melson told the council that services include education, cruelty prevention and settling disputes over pets between neighbors.

"Did I hear you say you settle disputes over a dog?" Councilman Ray Metzger said. "I've got a lot of people who need to talk to you."

Elkmont's $10,000 question

It was established in 1912. The community raised $10,000 to fund it.

Any guesses as to what it could be?

It was Limestone County High School, the county's first high school and forerunner of Elkmont High. The first graduating class in 1915 had four seniors. Most recently, Elkmont had 75.

Holly reports that Elkmont Principal Mickey Glass shared this information with the Board of Education. Each principal is highlighting his or her school at a meeting.

You never know what you may learn at a board meeting.

Rent a hotel

Want to have a sleepover with 499 of your closest pals in Bretton Woods, N.H.?

To raise money for Hurricane Katrina relief, the Mount Washington Hotel is auctioning itself off online, according to The Associated Press. The winner gets all 200 rooms, accommodating 500 people, on Nov. 9.

There's golf, tennis, horseback riding, carriage and sleigh rides, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, ice skating, snow tubing and alpine and cross-country skiing.

The auction begins today on eBay and ends Sept. 24. The hotel says the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross.

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