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Councilman driving own Batmobile

Forget all that stuff you read about millionaire Bruce Wayne being the Caped Crusader. The truth came out Monday night when the Batmobile was spotted in a Decatur City Hall parking space reserved for City Council members.

Seems that District 5 Councilman Ray Metzger put down $5 on some raffle tickets at a drag race in Huntsville and got lucky.

The donor had bought the car from a Birmingham high school that used it in parades. The back seat and the trunk were converted into a pickup-type bed, the body was painted black, and appropriate bat logos were added.

The, um, "customized" 1960 Dodge finally died and went to a private owner, who got it running and donated it for the raffle. Martin Burkey reports that Ray spent $700 to make it safe and plans to use it as a company car to draw attention to his Beltline Road motorcycle business.

"I get lots of waves and shouts," Ray said.

Seymour or Aderholt?

John Seymour is the popular president of the Decatur/Morgan County Chamber of Commerce. Robert Aderholt is the Republican U.S. representative from the 4th Congressional District that includes a portion of Decatur.

One of the two will be the speaker at next week's Rotary Club that meets at noon, President David Scott announced Monday.

Tom Wright says that brought an irreverent groan from club members. "Talk about contrasts ...," one member was heard to say.

Taunting announcements

As the heat index soared over 100 degrees, Education Writer Bayne Hughes was among the many thirsty fans who hit the concession stands in droves during a Carolina vs. New England NFL game. Bottled water and ice quickly evaporated from availability.

Concession officials at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C., obviously had underestimated the amount of the refreshing liquid that fans would consume, as they were out by the second half. Yet the Panther announcer kept urging fans to stay hydrated under the blistering sun.

One section of fans even asked the pizza vendor if she was selling water. She wasn't getting any takers on the pizza.

Politician has no clothes

Here's one politician who keeps his campaign promises.

Keith Locke, a Green Party lawmaker, said he'd run naked through the streets of Epsom, New Zealand, if a rival party leader, Rodney Hide, won a parliamentary election.

Rodney won by 3,200 votes, and we don't know whether his victory margin was swollen by voters' desire to get a good look at Keith.

For Keith, a promise is a promise. The Associated Press quoted him recently as saying, "We haven't set a date. We've got preparations to do in terms of choreography. It will be artistic and it will involve body paint."

A business group says it will furnish a loincloth.

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