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Peer pressure gets teachers to obey rules

Working as a tour guide three years ago, Paula Michael learned that some teachers are hard to teach.

She led residents from North Alabama and South Tennessee on a Christmas bus tour to Williamsburg, Va., and other historic locations.

Three retired teachers were habitually late returning to the bus after stops. Paula tried reasoning with them and paging them before she hit on a strategy that worked.

"I asked everybody on the bus to clap when they got on, and that kind of embarrassed them. ... They were never late again."

Paula, who is director of volunteer services for the American Red Cross in Morgan and Lawrence counties, has a theory about this.

"They had a hard time following instructions — maybe because they were so used to giving instructions and all of a sudden the shoe was on the other foot."

Fields of dreams

Decatur Parks and Recreation officials were beaming at the reviews they got recently on the soccer fields at the new Jack Allen Recreation Complex, Martin Burkey reports.

On Sept. 20, Harding University and North Georgia College and State University played one of their games at the fields in Southwest Decatur. They were so impressed that one coach suggested it be the location for the regional championships and possibly the Southeastern Conference championships.

"It was a real treat to drive up to the complex and find that the field and the soon-to-be-facilities were far better than any field or complex that we have played at," wrote Todd Eason, soccer coach for North Georgia.

"The field was a very good size, and the surface was better than any field I have seen in the Southern Region." His team used the field again to play UAH, and Todd says they'll be back.

Tender, loving care

He's the man who has brought fall to Athens City Hall.

The golden and russet mums decorating the entrance didn't appear there by accident, according to Holly Hollman.

City Hall's maintenance worker Roger Sanderson takes care of the plants and ensures they have plenty of water.

Roger is a favorite among employees and visitors, not just for his green thumb but also for his ever-present smile.

"We just love him to pieces," employee Kim Glaze said.

Strong coffee

A driver in Bluffton, S.C., showed that a hot coffee-to-go can be used in self-defense.

A man tapped a car's window with a gun and motioned the driver to get out, The Associated Press reported.

Instead, the driver slammed the car door on the man's legs, threw coffee at him and wrestled him to the ground. The driver and suspect struggled for the gun, but the bad guy got away.

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