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These boots were made for cleaning

Guideposts magazine featured an article by a Hartselle woman who used her boots to help a Hurricane Katrina victim.

Wendi Henry said she originally searched for steel-toed boots to use when she tended her goats. She couldn't find what she sought, so she bought waterproof boots. Soon after, however, her family decided to sell the goats.

Then a friend called to say her sister in Waveland, Miss., had lost everything in the hurricane. The family stayed in Alabama until they headed back to see what they could salvage.

Wendi gave the woman her boots and they were a perfect fit.

"I'd found the right pair," Wendi wrote. "They were just meant for someone else all along."

See to drive, but not to read

A traffic safety officer saw a car parked illegally in a space reserved for the U.S. Marshals Service at the Decatur federal building.

A woman shuffled up to her car and asked the officer why he was writing her a ticket.

Police told Chris Paschenko that the officer showed the woman the restricted-parking sign. She then asked the officer to read it to her.

Why? The woman said she had cataracts in both eyes and couldn't read it.

Streaker in trouble

Four Morgan County residents called 911 to report a streaker in their yards.

A sheriff's deputy arrived, finding the man in his birthday suit in broad daylight, running toward his home.

When ordered to stop, the man did a belly flop to the ground and officers handcuffed him.

The sheriff's office told Chris that public intoxication wasn't among the man's charges, but he still faces misdemeanor indecent-exposure and drug-related charges.

Listen and snooze

The Decatur City Council decided to consider using $750,000 in unspent funds for new garbage trucks, tennis courts and the Jack Allen Recreation Complex, Martin Burkey reports.

The plan might reduce the size of a bond issue, and Mayor Don Kyle mentioned "cash flow analysis" and "net interest savings."

Councilman Ronny Russell, chairing the meeting, promised to let Don discuss those issues at a future work session.

"Those suffering from insomnia are encouraged to attend," Ronny added.

Divided loyalties

Mark Smith, a diehard Auburn fan, spotted a baby in a fast food restaurant near Tuscaloosa wearing a hybrid outfit.

The left half was Auburn and the right half was Alabama, Melanie Smith says.

The adults, who were evidently the child's grandparents, explained the family's split loyalties and the creative solution.

Mark noted that the little boy had on Auburn and Alabama bibs — Auburn on top. The most telling feature for Mark was the pacifier. It was an AU item giving comfort and satisfaction.

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