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Need it done? You can rely on a woman

Even in the civil rights movement, women in the 1950s took a subordinate role to men — or did they?

A panel discussion at the Alabama Department of Archives and History on the 50th anniversary of the Montgomery bus boycott included 94-year-old Johnnie Rebecca Carr.

She recalled that E.D. Nixon, state National Association for the Advancement of Colored People president, asked women in her church to solicit donations. She volunteered and offered some advice, quoted by M.J. Ellington.

"I told them if you want something done, telephone, telegram or tell a woman," a smiling Johnnie Carr said in a voice as clear as that of a 20-year-old.

Cats love Christmas, too

Pat and Ken Arrington kept missing the ornamental peacock feathers from the lower part of their parlor Christmas tree. The thief, however, didn't try to hide but brought each feather over to Ken for playtime.

It's the first Christmas season for Lord Barrett and Lady Browning, beautiful 7-month-old feline additions to the household. Patrice Stewart reports that the Arringtons didn't put them on Santa's bad behavior list.

They just made plans to stash the cats behind closed doors and then replace the peacock feathers before holiday visitors arrive.

Caught in the act

The Rev. Edward Moses Sr., pastor of Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church in Gulfport, Miss., has become the unofficial host of hundreds of people volunteering time to help those hurt by Hurricane Katrina, Eric Fleischauer reports.

Edward went to an IHOP in Gulfport and saw one of those volunteers, from Arkansas, drawing a smiley face on his pancake with blueberry syrup.

The artist blushed when he realized he had been seen. "And I suppose you're telling your family you're roughing it down here?" Edward asked.

Your money or your life

A Decatur police officer saw smoke billowing from the wheels of a transport truck. He stopped the truck and called for the Fire Department.

What was the truck driver's explanation for nearly setting the truck on fire and placing other motorists in danger?

Police told Chris Paschenko he knew that he had a problem (though not that he had a fire) and decided to drive to a repair shop anyway.

Some people will risk life and limb to avoid paying a towing bill.

14-point doe

A trophy buck turned out to be a trophy doe.

Hunter Eric Weymiller, 25, of Harpers Ferry, Iowa, shot a 14-point deer in Northeast Iowa, according to The Associated Press.

Eric was field-dressing the animal when he noticed it wasn't a buck. He called state Department of Natural Resources biologist Terry Hainfield, who confirmed the sex but said the headgear was unusual.

More research will be required to determine whether the antlers are large enough to set a record for does.

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