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Grandma II goes on duty as an angel

Bill and Jayne Kissam of Decatur say their granddaughters have a new angel.

Jayne's mother, Gertrude Horvath, died peacefully on the day after Thanksgiving, surrounded by family. Her granddaughter Amy Hood of Alpharetta, Ga., told Allie, 5, and Taylor, 4, that Grandma II had gone to heaven and would be their guardian angel.

Allie, afraid at night, had previously developed a habit of stealing away nightly to her mother's bed, Bill says. But on this night, both girls stayed in their own beds.

"Mommy, I wasn't afraid because Grandma II slept with me last night," Allie told Amy.

"This year," Bill reports, "we have a special Christmas tree of angels to remind us of the love of our parents, children, grandchildren and, yes, we are sure that Grandma II is on the highest bough."

Special Christmas delivery

It wasn't as many stops as Santa Claus makes in one night, but Rod Garrett and Aaron Sivley of McAbee Medical spent an entire night retrieving and delivering Christmas gifts last week.

The gifts are automated lift chairs that make life easier for people with physical disabilities.

Rod, general manager of the medical supply business, and Aaron, the patient care manager, left Thursday afternoon for Birmingham and Calhoun City, Miss., to pick up five of these chairs and speed them along to Decatur-area clients by Christmas.

The men drove all night and got home at about 6 a.m. Friday.

Kathy Harris, McAbee's customer service representative, told Paul Huggins, "You just don't see that kind of dedication today."

Stranger pays the bill

Jan Hunter says there is a man around town with a true Christmas spirit, and she wants to thank him.

She and her friend Annie Ruth live at Cedar Springs Retirement Home. They were having a holiday meal at Cracker Barrel when a man walked by and picked up their check. He told them, "Merry Christmas" and kept walking.

Jan told Regina Wright that each of the women thought the other knew the man. When they realized that neither knew him, they checked and discovered their bill was paid.

The women were delighted by the unique Christmas gift from a stranger. They'd like to say, "Happy New Year."

Missing a class ring?

If you were a member of the Decatur High School Class of 1967, then Jean Schick (pronounced like the razor) of Satellite Beach, Fla., may be looking for you.

"You are the Red Raiders, aren't you?" she asked Regina Wright.

Jean said that she was walking along a paved street in front of her home near a gate at Patrick Air Force Base when she saw a man's ring.

"It is a really nice ring, and I would love to return it to its owner," she said.

The ring is gold with a ruby stone. Based on size, Jan surmises that it is a man's ring. The initials G.F.W. are inside.

Jan believes the owner was probably in the Vietnam War because of the year on the ring and where she found it. If you have information, her number is (321) 773-6398.

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