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Fit clothes to baby, not her photo

You know how photos taken from certain angles make us look larger?

It can be the same for babies, April Reed of Decatur discovered.

April and her husband, Bill, adopted their 6-month old "princess," Mia, in Guatemala City. April told Ronnie Thomas she prepared for Mia's arrival by buying a lot of outfits.

Estimating Mia's size from photos e-mailed by her Guatemalan attorney, April bought clothes for a 6- to 9-month-old baby.

Big mistake. After seeing Mia the first time, she knew she'd have to start all over, for Mia is a tiny princess.

April went back and bought for a 3- to 6-month-old.

Borrowed or stolen?

Someone stole a Morgan County Courthouse employee's truck before Christmas.

It was parked on the side of the courthouse facing the Decatur Police Department, Sheryl Marsh reports. The employee could not believe that somebody was bold enough to take it in daylight that close to police.

For weeks the employee worried about his truck, and then one day it reappeared, unharmed.

"I believe somebody must've used it to go visit their family for Christmas," the employee said.

Moving on

Some employers might suffer hurt feelings when they lose a good employee, but not Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce President John Seymour.

Eric Fleischauer says John was unruffled as he announced to his board that Blake Robbins had left to accept a job at AmSouth Bank.

"Hey, we don't want folks working here that can't get jobs somewhere else," John said.

Toomer's to go

Auburn fans roll Toomer's Corner after every victory. Now the university is turning the tradition into an enterprise.

Tiger Rags is selling oak tree seedlings grown from acorns hand-picked from trees at Toomer's Corner.

"Now every time Auburn wins, you can roll your very own 'Toomer's Oak,' " reads the press release sent to Barry Sublett, an Auburn graduate. "The package even includes a roll of AU toilet paper, a certificate of authenticity, a tag commemorating the year your oak was born and care instructions."

Cost is $50, plus $5 shipping. Proceeds benefit the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences scholarship drive. Visit

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