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$20 gets you breakfast plus a speech

Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce members and guests each paid $20 to attend Mayor Don Kyle's State of the City speech.

After a hearty breakfast, Chris Paschenko watched as Don took the microphone and quipped:

"Eddie Allen told me $20 doesn't go as far as it used to. He said, 'I can eat at Jack's all week for that.' "

More for your money

A New York couple was surprised to see how far $2 went at an Athens ice cream parlor.

Oliver and Kim Yang ordered a cherry Dr Pepper and two ice cream cones at Limestone Drug on the square.

The drugstore has a snack area that resembles a 1950s ice cream parlor.

Holly Hollman heard Kim ask Oliver how much it all cost.

"Two dollars and some change," Oliver said. "You wouldn't find prices like that in New York."

Asking for trouble

After reading about a method to test whether the ultra-secret National Security Agency is reading your e-mail, Clyde Stancil decided it's not worth the risk.

Blogger Bruce Schneier suggests that you include a variety of terrorist-related trigger words, send copies of messages to a fake e-mail address for the late 911 mastermind Mohamed Atta, and use a fake return address from a known terrorist organization.

Bruce said you shouldn't be surprised if an investigator comes knocking. And expect delays at the airport.

Dangerous play

Decatur Utilities Human Resources Manager Christy Lamb had to tell the Municipal Utilities Board recently that DU had two "recordable safety incidents" from October to December.

One, unfortunately, was a worker who suffered a sprained ankle at an employee event and had to be put on restricted duty for a while, Martin Burkey says.

"I guess we will have to ban volleyball at employee picnics," she said.

Perhaps just "no more spiking," board member Glynn Tubb suggested.

Questions and comments

Will Auton of Trinity, a senior at West Morgan High School who was hurt in a November traffic accident, was treated to a homecoming at St. Luke United Methodist Church after his stay at Shepherd Clinic in Atlanta.

After answering a few questions from Ronnie Thomas, Will turned the tables on the reporter.

He took Ronnie's notebook and pen and began interviewing him.

When Will returned the notebook, he had written "Roll Tide" on one page.

On another, he had written, "Get Will a job!"

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