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Enthusiasm, teamwork get results

Gail Reinecke told Ronnie Thomas what made Katie DeVoe, 19, a cystic fibrosis patient, such a competitor.

Gail said when she coached the Decatur Aquatic Club, Katie "was always there for practices and performed well in her age group, a team player with the relays. She never begged off and had the drive to do it twice as much as anybody else."

Gail said coaches never treated Katie special.

"When we worked a set, we did it all together," she said. "She was always up with everybody and had so much more enthusiasm for it. She might have to take two to three weeks off, go to the hospital, and she'd come right back."

Katie attends Calhoun Community College, supported by a scholarship she believes that swimming helped her win.

Fat Tuesday

"I intended to be in Mobile with my family at Mardi Gras, but you scheduled this meeting," state Sen. Bradley Byrne, R-Fairhope, told the chairman of a Senate committee Feb. 28 in Montgomery.

"I intended to wake up tomorrow morning with a Moon Pie hangover, but instead, I'm just wearing my Mardi Gras tie."

M.J. Ellington says Sen. Hank Sanders, D-Selma, responded with a question: "Just a Moon Pie hangover?"

"You've never had a hangover just from eatin' Moon Pies?" the Gulf Coast senator replied. "All that sugar."

Saving the worst for last

A television station broadcasts Decatur City Council business meetings, but obviously not for entertainment value, Chris Paschenko comments.

A recent meeting lasted about three hours, starting with public hearings on ambulance services that were bidding for the right to work in the city.

Once the ambulance debate concluded, few in the audience stuck around to find out how council members voted on city uniform, dirt and landscaping bids.

Chris says less than half of the meeting made the airwaves, but at least it was the most entertaining half.

Love me, love my dog

Dogs can make or break a couple's relationship.

An American Kennel Club survey found that 66 percent of dog owners wouldn't date someone who didn't like their dog. And 58 percent of men said a puppy is a foolproof babe magnet.

Meanwhile, women look for these canine qualities in men: perennial good mood, always willing to spend time with you, always up for cuddling on the couch, motivates you to exercise and eager to eat your cooking.

Men like women who resemble dogs in these ways: just as happy to hang out at home as to go out, always greets me enthusiastically when I get home, doesn't get angry when I want to watch sports, is up for anything I want to do.

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