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SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 2006

Steve Stewart

Children spill the beans on their parents

New Somerville Police Chief Joe Mann joked that he should have taken his investigator's notebook to Sparkman Elementary School recently.

Bayne Hughes says that Joe went to read for a kindergarten class and, when he asked if anyone had ever had any experiences with a police officer, he got more than he anticipated.

The eager children began telling him about their parents' indiscretions and run-ins with the law.

Most were about traffic stops, but one child declared, "My daddy hid behind a tree."

Don't blame the course

The Decatur City Council may be getting more demanding again about Point Mallard Park, Martin Burkey says.

Council members have pressed for the park to meet its break-even charter and merged it into the Parks and Recreation Department. Department officials were briefing the Point Mallard Facilities Board recently on spring cleaning and improvements, including tee work at the driving range.

"Can you ever figure out what makes all the balls curve to the right?" Councilman Gary Hammon asked.

"I think it's the person with the club in his hand that makes it curve to the right," Parks Director Jeff Dunlap replied.

Charting his own future

An Athens High senior has made an elite national list.

Each year The University of Alabama at Birmingham's Early Medical School Acceptance Program accepts high school seniors from across the nation.

Daniel Sandlin of Athens is among the 14 students the program accepted this year.

Daniel's father, Robert, wrote a thank-you letter to Athens City Schools, Holly Hollman says, because teachers and guidance counselors had written recommendation letters on Daniel's behalf.

Daniel probably did a little bit of work himself to make that list.

Is this check good?

Making fun of government is one of our great American liberties, and T. Allen Morgan of Nashville exercised it when he paid a speeding ticket in Coopertown, Tenn.

Coopertown, about 20 miles northwest of Nashville, is on a state highway that connects Interstates 65 and 24. AAA said recently that it was considering adding Coopertown to its list of only seven "strict enforcement areas" in the United States, The Associated Press reports.

On the check paying his fine, Allen wrote "for speed trap." Mayor Danny Crosby said this was "a bald-faced lie" and refused to accept the check. He told Allen to write another check, or he'd see him in traffic court.

Now District Attorney General John Carney has asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to investigate whether the mayor acted illegally.

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