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SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 2006

Steve Stewart

Elvis wasn’t Charlie’s only good friend

Charlie Hodge fans have a message for Charlie's Decatur family.

They want them to know how much they admired Charlie, who performed with and was a friend to Elvis Presley.

Since THE DAILY's story on Charlie's death ran, fans from places such as Indiana, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Malaysia and England have written to Holly Hollman to share their thoughts of Charlie.

One wrote, "I pray he is having a great reunion with Elvis."

Another wrote that Charlie "was a legend also in his time and always will be remembered as the man beside the king of music."

A woman from Pennsylvania wrote that while driving through Knoxville in May 2005, she passed a Cadillac with the license plate ELVIS-10.

"I'm sure it was Charlie Hodge," she wrote.

Willing helper

Dale Doucette, who died this month, probably didn't realize what he meant to the Athens-Limestone Kidney Association.

Association member Eloise Phillips said that although Dale's wife is sick, he volunteered to drive dialysis patients for treatment for the past three or four years.

For the association's craft show, Dale put up banners on the roadsides and set up tables. If there was a raffle, Dale sold tickets.

"It's such a shame to lose such a person," Eloise told Holly. "He will be really missed."

Egyptian denial

Sometimes Sherry Harris, associate pastor of Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church, just gets on a roll, Eric Fleischauer reports.

One gem in a rollicking Lenten sermon: "Denial is not just a river in Egypt.''

Mayor with matches

A grass fire in Athens that spread from one yard to two others, had neighbors speculating that someone threw down a cigarette.

Mayor Dan Williams told the neighbors he knew exactly what happened.

Turns out Dan was trying to burn off some grass in a flowerbed, and a match landed in his yard.

"One neighbor hugged my wife as if she felt sorry for her," Dan told Holly.

Another twist to this story is that one of the yards the fire burned belongs to Athens Fire Chief Cliff Christopher's son.

Sorry about that

Students on spring break can be rowdy, but once in a while they remember what Mama told them — perhaps belatedly.

On South Padre Island, Texas, Charlotte Papenbrock found her rear windshield smashed and figured the perpetrator must be one of those students.

Then, according to The Associated Press, she found $200 in $20 bills on the back seat with a note reading, "Here you go. I'm sorry."

"Tell those kids I'm very proud, and their mothers would be, too," Charlotte said.

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