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Family love knows no boundaries

Jason Owens, a successful Decatur businessman, reported to Eric Fleischauer that he and his wife asked an adoption agency to help them find a "healthy, Caucasian child."

While eating dinner at Jason's home, a close friend, who is Hispanic, noted this and accused Jason of being prejudiced against Hispanics.

Jason erupted. "You're sitting here eating in my home. How can you say that?"

Jason added "Hispanic" to his adoption criteria the next day. Four years later, Jason and his wife could not be happier with their three children, all of them Hispanic.

Fuzzy pink crisis

A Calhoun Community College instructor was driving toward campus when she noticed a problem.

She dialed another instructor, who told Patrice Stewart that "she asked me to tell her 8 a.m. class to wait and she would be there as soon as she could."

With her nice black suit, the driver was wearing fuzzy pink bedroom slippers. She headed home to find black shoes.


Could there be more than meets the eye to the Stihl Timbersports competition headed to Decatur on July 1-2?

Sixteen of the world's best lumberjacks will be at Point Mallard Park to compete for final bids to the championships in Minnesota.

They'll bring standardized, specialized, tournament-approved wood for chopping. But Martin Burkey says some folks look at all the tree and brush clearing going on along the park's riverside walking trail and wonder if the event is a smoke screen to fell a few more trees.

"Maybe that's the real reason the lumberjacks are coming to town," one City Hall source said with a wink.

From Athens to Georgia

A good read can travel more than 200 miles on a good wind.

Cowart Elementary Principal Janet Poole said that a woman from Carrollton, Ga., called the Athens school Thursday to say she had found one of the balloons that Cowart's 295 pupils had released.

"Our messages asked those who found the balloons to let us know if they loved reading as much as we do," Janet told Holly Hollman. "This woman called and said she did love reading and wanted us to know."

Cowart pupils read 2,030 books during their weeklong reading emphasis.

You never know

Hooking up with strangers on the Internet can get you into trouble. Just ask Brian Lee Todd, 31.

The South Carolina man was looking forward to his first in-person meeting with an online female friend, according to The Associated Press. She turned out to be a detective helping collect more than $5,000 in child support.

Brian wound up jailed in Lexington County, waiting for a family court hearing.

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