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SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 2006

Steve Stewart

What’s better than GED? Stay in school

Jean James, 67, a Chalybeate woman who continues to work on her general education diploma in Moulton, has a message for students in regular school.

"Stay there," she said, "and do it all at once. Getting a GED is not easy."

Ronnie Thomas reports that she is following the paths of her oldest daughter, Diane Nelms, 48, of Decatur, who earned her GED in 1999, and her only sibling, Jimmy Wilhoite, 72, of Trinity, who got his high school diploma in 1956 through the GI bill.

"I'm proud of Mom," Diane said. "She is so active. There's never a dull time in her life."

Professional delivery

If you're traveling with a pregnant poodle, it helps to take a doctor along.

Betty Sims and her husband, Dr. Bill Sims, were in Destin, Fla., where Betty was teaching a cooking class. They stayed up all night delivering a litter of Labradoodles.

(That's what you get when you breed your poodle to a Labrador, explains Patrice Stewart.)

Bill, an orthopedic surgeon, was a bit out of practice on deliveries, so he called his veterinarians in Decatur for advice.

Their dog Princess and her nine cream-colored pups are doing fine at home now, with gourmet food catered daily by Betty.

Playing by the rules

Kate Klepper discovered how seriously spring sports are taken.

An e-mail recruiting players for the Decatur Jaycees softball team outlined ground rules.

"If you can't make it to games and you sign up, you will be subject to an arbitrary fine of $2 per game missed," the e-mail jokingly stated.

Valid excuses for missing a game include being dead, having lost a loved one or being away on business.

Because one player's wife is pregnant and due this summer, the appellate review board voted to list childbirth as a valid reason to miss a game — but only during the regular season, not a tournament.

Jail beautification

The Morgan County Commission gladly accepted a donation from a woman who wants to help beautify Decatur.

Mrs. Charlie Williams donated statues to place outside the new jail. She said while the Decatur Beautification Committee does a fine job, she wants to do her share.

Her lion statues and a Leonesco fountain will be placed around the jail, Sheryl Marsh reports.

Teeth in the mail

Angela Parker told Decatur police her daughter opened a piece of mail without realizing it had been delivered to the wrong address.

What was in the letter? Six artificial teeth, Seth Burkett reports.

Angela didn't know the addressee, so police held onto the teeth for safekeeping, Lt. Chris Mathews said.

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