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13-hour day doesn’t faze young helper

Bernard Ervin got the attention of an entire civic club with his work ethic.

The president of the Oak Park Middle School Builders Club was one of the young people volunteering to help with the annual Kiwanis Pancake Day at Decatur High School.

Most workers took shifts of two to five hours, but Bernard came at 7 a.m. and stayed until 8 p.m.

"I asked him if he wanted to take a break, but he said, 'No, I'm here to work,' " Rick Williams, Pancake Day chairman, told Patrice Stewart.

Maybe someone will remember that when Bernard is older and looking for a job.

World-famous dog

The story of Lucky the dog has spread to surprising places since news of his abuse and leg amputation first came out Feb. 23.

National news wires carried stories and photos that landed on newspaper pages across the country and on the Internet.

Lucky even made it to Afghanistan. Veterinarian Dr. Steve Osborne, who has cared for the dog, told Paul Huggins that a soldier sent a news clipping of Lucky that appeared in the Stars and Stripes newspaper, Mideast edition.

(Lucky's stories are collected at

Tread lightly

Decatur City Schools Assistant Superintendent Ed Nichols knows he has an edge when he needs to get his way with members of the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce.

Paul Huggins heard Ed joke that any members who attended school in Decatur had better treat him right.

"I have your transcripts," he warned. "Don't mess with me. I can post your scores on the Internet."

The best part

Bill Forgie turned 100 on March 22, but he still knows what he likes.

Patrice says that when his family and staff at Country Cottage in Decatur began cutting his double-decker chocolate birthday cake, they asked him what part he preferred.

"The breast," he readily replied. His standard answer for his preferred part of a chicken surprised those who were poised to cut him a corner piece with chocolate roses or a square with extra icing.

All in the family

Mary Sue Fleischauer, a third-grade teacher at Gordon-Bibb Elementary School, long ago got used to her pupils mistakenly calling her "Mom." Indeed, she was a bit flattered that they saw her as more than just another teacher, says Mary Sue's husband, Eric.

She was not so flattered, however, after she helped one of her students on a math problem. "Thanks, Grandpa," said the unwitting child.

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