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Calendar or cookbook? Food wins

The women of the Country Garden Club at Florette pondered ways they could make money to share with good causes.

"We figured we could either do one of those naked ladies' calendars, or a cookbook," an officer told Patrice Stewart. "A lot of us were for the calendar because we thought it might make us lose weight, but we decided our husbands would be happier with a cookbook."

Their cookbook is selling well, and they will be donating the proceeds to the new Morgan County Child Advocacy Center.

To get your copy of "Favorite Recipes" for $15, call Judy Crawford at 586-5432 or Teresa Young with the Advocacy Center, 351-4610, or go by the Snak Shak at Florette.

Birdless business

Kate Klepper heard this bird story while interviewing Decatur's Barney Lovelace about wife Amy's new garden shop, Sugar Magnolia's.

Shortly before their grand opening, Barney received a frantic phone call from Amy, asking him to hurry home.

He arrived to find a panicked Amy in the yard and a terrified bird in their home. It had flown in while she unpacked orders for the store. Barney carefully caught the confused bird in a towel and released it.

Knowing her business associate, Steve Chrisenberry, would find this funny, Amy immediately declared no birds were allowed in her store. "Maybe an aquarium, but no birds," she said.

Steve is the former co-owner of Plant Place, a garden shop famous for its pet bird.

Not her cup of tea

M.J. Ellington quotes a frustrated gray-haired woman who was in Montgomery to lobby the Legislature.

The woman stepped into an elevator full of women in her group, all wearing the same color to show their strength to lawmakers.

The woman apparently hadn't had total success with her assignment.

"This is the most complicated place," she said. "Every time I come here, I want to throw up."

Running buddy

For a couple of years now, I've had a shy critter friend — camouflaged and quick — who was heard but not seen. Finally I caught a glimpse.

A driveway along my jogging route crosses a ditch. When passing that driveway after a rain, I've been hearing a splash.

Friday, I saw the frog before it saw me coming, but just for a moment. The fist-sized animal took refuge, leaping from water in the open ditch into more water in the culvert under the driveway.

Carpentry without clothes

This carpenter needs coveralls.

Percy Honniball, 50, was charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure in Oakland, Calif., after a client returned home early and found him building bookcases nude.

He told police, according to The Associated Press, that he stripped before crawling under the house to do electrical work because he didn't want to soil his clothes.

Percy said working without clothes gave him a better range of motion. But he's been caught at least three other times in six years, and he said he doesn't plan to do it again.

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