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Stuffed lion sees world and garbage

Leo, a gigantic plush stuffed lion, is roaming the countryside on a garbage truck.

The lion turned up as a joke about 10 years ago in Decatur on the porch of Scott Willis, who was renting from Steve and Claudia Blake.

Cleaning up recently, Claudia couldn't bring herself to throw Leo into a trash bin, so she placed him on the end of the bin as a sort of figurehead.

Seth Burkett reports that when a truck came to haul away the trash, Claudia thought she was seeing the last of Leo. He rode away at the front of the bin, his mane blowing in the wind.

But when the truck came back to return the emptied container, Leo was tied to the back of the truck. Claudia saw the truck again later, complete with Leo, cruising down Alabama 20.

School spirit

Is there really an orange UT painted on a tank at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant?


But Bama fans, don't take offense at this tribute to Tennessee. Another tank has an Alabama emblem.

Auburn, Athens State, UNA and Alabama A&M also have their own tanks, Browns Ferry spokesman Craig Beasley told Holly Hollman.

"We tried to please everybody," Craig said.

The tanks hold water condensation and are visible from the main road entering the plant.

Underwear evidence

A brief getaway by an alleged shoplifter was thwarted when a convenience store clerk snatched the underwear off his license plate.

After the clerk saw the man leave the store with two cases of beer, she followed him outside to get his tag number. As he drove away, she saw the tag was covered with underwear, said Decatur police Lt. Chris Mathews.

Apparently, the shoplifter gave up when he looked over his shoulder and saw the clerk had denuded his tag and was standing in the parking lot with the underwear in hand, Chris said.

The man went back to the store and returned the beer, then waited for officers to arrive and arrest him. Police took the underwear as evidence. Seth says the police aren't saying exactly what kind of underwear was involved.

Roughing it

Boy Scout leaders have a good time joking around, whether in the woods with the boys or in the city meeting with other leaders.

While watching Scout Roundtable leader Jim Bloom's cast-iron Dutch oven cooking demonstration for leaders, they started joking around.

"We don't tell the boys what's in these dishes," Patrice Stewart heard one say. Then they joked that they should start a "Cast Iron Chef" competition, a takeoff on the popular Japanese "Iron Chef" show on the Food Network.

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