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SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 2006

Steve Stewart

Cabbage cultivation works well

Brenda Bumpus of East Moulton Street let a couple of friends, third-grade twins Tamija and Todd Tiggs, plant cabbages in her garden for a class project at Austinville Elementary School.

Brenda told Ronnie Thomas the goal was to determine who in the class could grow the largest cabbage. Tamija's cabbage weighed 9 pounds and Todd's weighed 8 pounds.

"Tamija's cabbage measured 48 inches, leaf to leaf," Brenda said, "and the head was 28 inches around."

The twins will have something to talk about as they begin their fourth-grade year.

Goats' best friend

Cain, a Great Pyrenees and Anatolian shepherd mix, is the constant companion of Sandie Terry's Nigerian Dwarf goats at her Lil' Hill Farm near Moulton.

"Dogs like Cain don't bond to people but to whatever they're guarding, and he guards the goats," Terry told Ronnie. "We have a lot of coyotes around here."

Surprise slithered away

When he was a teenager, Hartselle City Council President Kenny Thompson tried playing a snake joke on his mother.

Kenny put what he thought was a dead snake at his mother's front door, Deangelo McDaniel reports. Kenny told a story to get his mother out of the home, but this took longer than expected. By the time she came out, the snake was gone.

"The snake was moving slow, but it was still alive," Kenny recalled. He said he left no doubt about whether the snake was dead when he located it a second time in the yard.

Old guy shooting pictures

Spotting 3-year-old Matt Beck and his uncle, Howard Baer, drinking from a garden hose in Northeast Decatur, John Godbey stopped to take their picture.

John asked Matt his name; Matt asked John's name. John asked Matt how old he was; Matt wanted to know John's age.

"When I told the 3-year-old that I was 55, his eyes got big as he exclaimed, 'Holy Moses!' " John reports.

Matt is the son of Jason and Christina Beck of Decatur.

Officer's doughnut advice

Howard Sawyers has a tip to help you eat doughnuts faster: First dunk them in water to make them soggy.

Howard should know because he won the title of world champion doughnut-eating officer at a law enforcement convention, according to an Associated Press story out of Elkhorn, Wis.

Howard, a Walworth County Jail training sergeant, ate 13 doughnuts in three minutes. He has now lost his taste for doughnuts, at least for a while.

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