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SUNDAY, JULY 2, 2006

Steve Stewart

Keep ears full while you travel

A weary young mother was embarrassed on Father's Day as her 5-month-old son vented his travel frustrations with piercing screams before their plane from Atlanta to Birmingham got off the runway.

"He is usually such a good baby," the mother said to fellow passengers, who tried to be understanding even as they sought relief from the racket.

One travelwise passenger had a solution for the other travelers, M.J. Ellington reports.

"That is what iPods are for," said the passenger. "Just pop those ear buds in your ears, and you won't hear a thing."

Rabbit, archers both bagged

A Decatur policeman responded to a call about two suspicious men with bows and arrows behind the Cowboys gas station on Sixth Avenue Southeast, Seth Burkett reports.

The officer stopped the men's pickup on Beltline Road Southwest and saw two sets of bows and arrows and a bloody rabbit lying in the bed of the truck.

A conservation officer, called to the scene, cited one man for hunting without a license. Both were cited for hunting rabbits out of season. The conservation officer confiscated the rabbit.

Tread softly, speak softly

A just-released inmate, waiting for his ride from the Morgan County Jail, walked around the lobby in his sock feet.

"I guess I knocked too loud," he told Ronnie Thomas. "They got me for domestic violence. All I wanted was to get my shoes."

And all he got was a night in jail.

Cat and prey

In-laws can be trying, Eric Fleischauer explains, but every once in a while they redeem themselves. As did Eric's brother-in-law, protecting a mutual friend from a neighbor's cat that was determined to kill her birds as they flocked to the feeder.

The brother-in-law caught the cat in a box trap, painted a streak of bright paint on its back, and added a tag to its collar saying, "Please don't let me out again. I want to stay home."

Cat safe, birds safe, problem solved.

$50,000 surprise

In Wausau, Wis., 20 years ago, Wausau East High School's Class of 1986 started a bank account with $210. Preparing for a reunion this year, Wendy Moore, 37, of Minneapolis called the school district's foundation looking for names and addresses of classmates.

Good thing she called. She learned that about 10 years ago, somebody put $50,000 in the account. Foundation members hadn't known whom to tell about it, according to The Associated Press.

Class members don't know where the money came from (maybe someone atoning for a class prank?), but they'll use it for scholarships.

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