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SUNDAY, JULY 30, 2006

Steve Stewart

It takes a while to see youíre home

Thomas E. Corts showed a sense of humor Thursday, the day the State Board of Education voted to make him the interim chancellor of Alabama's two-year college system.

"Like so many others, my family and I arrived in Alabama 23 years ago without realizing we'd reached the Promised Land," he said, as quoted by M.J. Ellington. "Now that our children and grandchildren are all here, we're ready to buy cemetery plots."

Learn it, do it right

M.J. says Chancellor Corts has his own views about the value of different types of higher education.

He retired after 23 years at the helm of Samford University, a private four-year liberal arts school, but he believes the state needs folks trained in many different skills that the two-year schools offer.

He paraphrases the late John W. Gardner, a public official and activist:

"A society that scorns excellence in plumbing because it is an ordinary activity and a society that tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is a noble activity ends up having neither good plumbing nor good ideas: Neither its plumbing nor its theories will hold water."

One to grow on

Just give 12-year-old Sean Gustin of Decatur a few more years, and he'll grow into that extra-large Boy Scout uniform.

With six of her seven sons already standing more than 6 feet tall, Sean's mother, Betty Gustin, figured it was economical to buy him one uniform shirt to grow into.

The doctor had already told the 5-foot youngster he'll probably be 6 feet 6 inches one day, according to Paul Huggins.

"By the time he's full-grown, he'll be busting the buttons off that shirt," Betty said.

Better than eBay

Dan Matthews of Great Britain called Ronnie Thomas after reading online his stories on country music D.J. Carol Lynn and Tennessee singer Martin Delray.

Dan was searching for Martin's compact disc, "Get Rhythm," which features icon Johnny Cash in the title song.

"I know where I can get it for $95," Dan said. "I don't want to pay that much."

He didn't have to. Ronnie sent him to, where he can get the CD for $15, plus an 8x10 color photo of the singer.

Incidentally, Martin hasn't performed in Great Britain, but during the 1990s, he did sing in France, Poland and Brazil.

Being silly pays off

Acting silly to entertain your children may prepare you for success later in life.

It worked for Del Hampton, eight-time champion of the annual National Cluck-Off competition in Fort Smith, Ark.

Del watched "Looney Tunes" as a child, and his dream was to do cartoon voices, The Associated Press reports. Later, he amused his daughter with animal sounds.

To win the Cluck-Off this year, Del scratched, pecked and clucked before perching on a roost and laying a spring-loaded egg the size of a small watermelon.

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