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Carter probes for discussion in Bible class

It happens in Sunday schools everywhere. The teacher, hoping to provoke discussion, asks a question. Class members don't say a word in response.

It's no different in Plains, Ga., where former President Jimmy Carter was teaching a lesson from 1 Corinthians at Maranatha Baptist Church 10 days ago.

He asked an introductory question and got no answer.

"Nobody knows anything about Corinth or the church?" the ex-president asked incredulously. "Does anybody in here, among 300 people, know who wrote First Corinthians?"

Somebody correctly answered "Paul," and he responded, "All right! All right! Very good! Congratulations!"

Then, having warmed up the crowd, he managed to extract a little information from them about Corinth.

Rattlesnake rehab

Red Hendrix of Trinity, a member of North Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitators with his wife, Jo, told Ronnie Thomas that his most weird encounter has been with a snake.

"We don't do snakes, but a couple from Lawrence County called and said they had one that was injured," Red said. "I said to bring it on.

"They didn't tell me it was a rattlesnake, or I would have removed the top of the Tupperware container they brought it in with a little more care."

Red said all that was wrong with the 3-foot rattler was that a few scales were missing. They had tried to grab it with a steel rake.

"I took it down to the lowlands and released it. Rattlesnakes have a place, too," he said.

Out and about at 98

George Royer is back in his Southeast Decatur home after spending four months at Riverside Senior Living, recuperating from a broken ankle.

George got home in time to celebrate his 98th birthday July 22. "The kids came over from Huntsville. We just had a little cake and ice cream," he said.

He drove himself Sunday to First United Methodist Church, where he is the oldest member. Soon he plans to resume swimming at RehabAccess.

Occasional visitors lifted his spirits at Riverside, giving him a chance to chat about business, news and politics. "I try to lead a balanced life, even at my age. I'm fortunate to have my mental capability at 98."

Better spell-check that

Our "Do as I say, not as I do" award goes to TextTrust, a Toronto company that sells software to correct spelling mistakes on Web sites.

Franklin Harris notes that TextTrust put out a news release that said commonly misspelled words include independant, accomodation and definately. That's the way it spelled them.

Public relations consultant Pat Brink took a bullet for his client.

"It's very embarrassing," said Pat. "I made the mistake, not TextTrust — they do a much better job."

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