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ID was no problem in beer walk-off

A clerk at J and L Food Mart on Alabama 20 told police that while she was helping a customer, a man walked in, picked up two cases of beer and walked out without paying, said Decatur police Lt. Chris Mathews.

"The kicker is, the clerk knows the guy because she had dated him in the past," Chris said.

Chris told Seth Burkett that police advised the clerk on warrant procedures.

No children for sale

Seth reports that police officers went to a house in Southwest Decatur to investigate a call about parents selling their children for $20 apiece.

As a pack of media arrived, including two DAILY reporters, a photographer and a television cameraman, officers chuckled.

They said a neighbor apparently had seen money change hands when the children's mother dropped them off with the baby sitter, a 16-year-old girl.

Interview cut short

"Isn't that what wives usually do when they catch their husbands having 'job interviews'?" Seth asked after Chris related the following story:

A 27-year-old woman told police officers she was at a man's home, "talking to him about possibly coming to work for her cleaning service," when the man's wife returned home.

The man told the woman to go out the back door, but his wife entered through the back door instead of the front. He then told the woman to hide in the closet.

The wife found her in the closet, grabbed her by the hair, dragged her out and continued dragging her across the floor until her husband pulled them apart, allowing the woman to flee through the front door.

Maybe wine's a gel

The most recent anti-terrorist changes in air travel prohibit passengers from taking liquids and gels onto airplanes.

M.J. Ellington passes on the story of a female passenger who was upset when she had to give up a bottle of fine wine at a security checkpoint when she left California.

"It was bad enough that she had to give up the wine, but it is even worse that she did not know that wine is a liquid," said a wire-service reporter who told the story.

Disney for dogs

Better hope your neighbor doesn't treat his dog to this bark-along DVD, which is Walt Disney Home Entertainment's companion product for "The Shaggy Dog" DVD recently released.

This "Bone-Us Feature," as they call it, is made especially for the family dog to enjoy, Patrice Stewart reports. It features footage of Disney dogs playing, jumping and having fun, and the barking and woofing audio track option lets canines enjoy it with or without owners at home.

Professional trainer Ray Beal of Animals Unlimited said dogs respond excitedly, and it makes great company for them when you have to be away.

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