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Joseph had brothers like these

David Gross of Decatur said the Scripture about Joseph being sold into Egyptian slavery by his brothers reminded him of his youth.

David was speaking to Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church's men about Boy Scouts. John Godbey passed along the story.

As a pre-teen, David became separated from his parents. Being a good Boy Scout, he decided to walk home — 10 miles. Meanwhile, his parents became frantic. David's two brothers helped search, riding with a policeman.

After David was discovered safe at home, the police officer said that during the search he had overheard the brothers discussing how they were going to divide up David's toys.

Which, quipped David, helped him understand what Joseph must have felt like.

FDR in his pocket

Limestone County sheriff's Capt. Johnny McDonald's co-workers joke that he is so tightfisted, he still has three stamps left from the first book of stamps he bought.

Johnny does have three Franklin D. Roosevelt stamps in his pocket, but he told Holly Hollman that he bought them accidentally at a yard sale.

Johnny bought a box of items, and inside was a razor-blade container. In the container were three
Roosevelt stamps.

Pen mightier than sword

Wayne Williams, Decatur High School Class of 1955, and his wife, Beverly, flew out of Gatwick International Airport on the outskirts of London three days after the foiled terrorist attack.

Wayne told Regina Wright about a humorous moment that occurred over the Atlantic. Flight attendants passed out customs forms for passengers to complete. Nobody had a pen or pencil. Those were on the no-fly list.

Horse woman, dog man

Linda Bibb of Hartselle told Ronnie Thomas that her husband, Richard, doesn't share her enthusiasm for showing horses.

She has led her halter horse, Penny, to a pair of world titles, and they're hoping for more.

Richard had rather take his bird dogs, Mike and Joe, out for a hunt or play golf.

"But he encourages me and supports me in every way and helps me to get ready to go," Linda said.

Richard also does something else, and it's no small deed. He helps his wife clean horse stalls.

'Bank' without money

The building had an ATM, so it looked like a bank to a would-be robber.

But it really was a municipal building in the southern Austrian village of Poggersdorf, according to The Associated Press.

The 34-year-old man allegedly threatened a woman with an air gun, but she told him she had no money and he had made a mistake. Police arrested him.

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