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Donít put your leaders on 1 plane

President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney do it. So do Decatur's top two government officials.

A delegation from Decatur was headed to New York to meet with the city's bond rating services, Martin Burkey reports. Rather than share a plane, Mayor Don Kyle thought he should go separately from Council President Billy Jackson and President Pro Tem Ronny Russell — the same way the president and vice president travel.

"I pointed out you have two steps in succession to mayor," Don said. "... I'm a glass-half-full person, but I don't think you should put the mayor and the president of the council and the pro tem all in one airplane. You can't tell when you'd have an equipment problem and couldn't make it in time for our appointments (with ratings services)."

Ronny had a more fatalistic view.

"I personally don't know if we'd be missed a whole lot if we all went down," he said.

Not a speeders' holiday

A sign in the Decatur magistrate's office reminds police not to write tickets for Monday.

The sign doesn't mean speeders will catch a break that day, Chris Paschenko said.

Magistrates just don't want anyone showing up for court when it is closed for Labor Day.

Fashion critics

John Godbey says about 13 Austin High School senior boys met at the Ogle Stadium football field goal posts and waited for the Black Bear football team to take the field for Thursday night's season opener against Hartselle.

The young men were shirtless, having painted their torsos with orange paint so they could collectively spell out "Black Bears!"

Spotting some Austin female students in the stands wearing outlandish clothes and painted faces, some of the boys grumbled that the girls were not appropriately dressed for the game.

Said one young man, who was sporting a big orange and black letter "A" on his chest: "Look at the way those sorority girls are dressed ... this is embarrassing!

Trout with an antenna

Ken Snowdon plans to have a 23-inch, 5Ĺ-pound trout mounted, but not entirely for its natural beauty.

When he caught the fish, it had a 10-inch antenna sticking out of its belly. It was one of 75 transmitter-equipped trout released in Moosehead Lake and tributaries by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in an effort to track and maintain the right mix of fish.

The catch won first place in a fishing derby. The department took its $200 transmitter back, but Ken had the taxidermist use a line of dark thread to mimic the antenna.

"It will be a conversation starter," Ken said, according to The Associated Press.

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