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Bumper sticker says 'Honk  If You've Sacked Brodie! 28-18.'
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Bumper sticker says "Honk If You've Sacked Brodie! 28-18."

War Eagle goes to war in Iraq

When fighting a real war, it helps morale to remember the War Eagle back home.

National Guard Maj. Dustin L. Awtrey of Decatur decorated a Humvee in Baqouba Iraq, with Auburn colors, including this bumper sticker that recalls the last Alabama-Auburn game. "Team Alamo says GO TIGERS!" Dustin reported by e-mail.

On Nov. 19, 2005, Auburn's Tigers sacked Alabama quarterback Brodie Croyle 11 times while beating the Crimson Tide 28-18 in Auburn.

We don't know whether the words "tie - down" beneath the sticker refer to football, the military or both.

Out of touch

Bayne Hughes reports that his mother, Judy Hughes, had only one complaint about her recent stay at Decatur General Hospital, but she considers this one a major problem.

A big Auburn fan, she wasn't happy that the hospital's televisions did not have ESPN2 so she could watch the Tigers play Washington State.

Sure, surgery is painful, but nothing is more discomforting than not knowing how your favorite football team is doing.

Coaches vs. poets

Elina Ersikova of Penza, Russia, is a doctoral student at The University of Alabama. She shared football humor with Regina Wright as the two walked near the stadium before the Vanderbilt game.

Elina's friend Yulya is a doctoral student in chemistry and is also from Penza. When a Russian woman visited Yulya, she and Elina proudly showed her the new stadium.

The visitor saw the statues of the men who coached the Crimson Tide to national championships and asked what they had done to rate a statue. Elina told her they were athletic coaches.

The visitor was astounded. "What kind of university is this?" she asked. "Don't you have scientists and poets and writers?"

Elina said she tried to explain about football, but Yulya told her to give up because "Roll Tide" would not translate.

Tell the truth

Athens police Sgt. Jason White was pleasantly surprised during a recent trip to Big Spring Park when he saw Holly Hollman wearing a certain T-shirt.

"You're the first honest reporter I've met," Jason told her.

The T-shirt said: "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted and used against you."

This reminds me of a deputy sheriff I knew when I was reporting the news in Monroe County. Every time he passed me in the courthouse, he'd put his index finger vertically over his mouth and smile through zipped lips.

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