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Missionaries get exotic birthdays

Thea Panares Watson told Ronnie Thomas that missionary work with her husband, Presley, has allowed her to observe birthdays in exotic places.

The Hartselle couple were on a mission trip to Hong Kong, where Thea celebrated her 23rd birthday Sept. 5, 2005.

They left Thursday for the Philippines, Thea's home country, on another extended mission journey that will take them to China and South Korea next month.

She held off celebrating her birthday in Hartselle. She and Presley will have joint parties Sept. 23 on a Filipino beach when he turns 29.

Only one China doll

Laurie Loyd of Decatur, mother of three sons, is looking forward to new duties as godmother for the baby girl her cousin, Tricia Thompson, plans to adopt from China.

Laurie hopes to make the two-week trip with Tricia. Laurie's husband, Tommy Loyd, has already set some restrictions.

"He said, 'If you bring one back, too, I'm going to put you up for adoption,' " Laurie told Patrice Stewart.

That Wal-Mart mentality

Carver Bell is only 2, but he knows what he needs.

He told his grandparents Diane and Chris Sandlin and mom Jayna Bell that he needed the car keys "because I have to go to work at Wal-Mart."

Patrice says no one in the Decatur family works at Wal-Mart, but his grandmother figures Carver already has been there a thousand or so times, "so he thinks that's the place to go."

Motion to adjourn?

City leaders have had a habit recently of adding last-minute items to the Decatur City Council agenda, Chris Paschenko says.

When Council President Billy Jackson ended a meeting by saying there were no added items to discuss, Rickey Terry, the landfill director, called the news "outstanding."

Billy said, "Look who's talking," reminding Rickey that he has asked for a few last-minute agenda items himself, especially when he needed a quick replacement for broken equipment.

As the sign says ...

Environmental activist Tess Karwoski received more lawn care than she bargained for in Ann Arbor, Mich.

What part of "Pesticide Free Zone" did they not understand?

That's what her sign said, so she was surprised to find TruGreen ChemLawn spraying her yard with chemicals.

TruGreen had recently acquired a company that Tess had hired to aerate her lawn and perform sprinkler work. Tess, the health policy director for the Michigan Environmental Council in Lansing, canceled the contract, according to The Associated Press.

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