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Find your front porch on Internet

Josh Lee of Hartselle kept waiting for a truck to deliver his new electric guitar.

Finally he told his grandmother he was going online and tracking down the status of the delivery, Scott Morris reports.

A few seconds later Josh got up from the computer and walked out to the front porch. He returned with a box containing his guitar.

Josh grinned and explained that the shipping company's Web site showed the package: "Delivered. Left on front porch."

Yea for B-O-A

Who wears a feather boa to give a talk to a crowd of several hundred?

That's women, not men, and the boa was an attention-getter. Becky M. Olson, author and breast-cancer survivor, said to her the letters in B-O-A mean, "I'm Bold, I'm Old, and I've got Attitude."

The women who heard her at Decatur General Hospital's "For Today's Woman" program cheered, clapped and sympathized, says Patrice Stewart.

Sources' remorse

Bless those who share information, feelings and opinions with the newspaper and its readers. But some of them have second thoughts.

As a reporter on election night many years ago, I called a winner at home, congratulated her and asked for her reaction. She talked a minute and then paused.

"Steve," she asked, "are you going to put this in the paper?"

"Yes, ma'am, I was planning to."

"Well, dang! I've had three drinks!"

Watch your words

More recently, I called a Decatur man to verify that he'd e-mailed us a comment about an online poll. He asked if I was planning to print it, and again I said yes.

"Oh, Lord," he said. "I'll probably get some calls from my brother, the liberal."

Recipe, anyone?

Amy Pollick passes along an e-mail from JoAnn Stricklin of Statesville, N.C.

JoAnn wants a caramel frosting recipe like her mother, a former Alabamian, made. She said the frosting would harden on the cake and would "crack when the cake was cut."

Her sister in Texas "has a craving for this cake," and JoAnn wants to send her the recipe. Any readers who might have this recipe can e-mail her at

It's a boy

A new arrival in Biloxi, Miss., is ESPN Montana Real, whose father, Rusty Real, named him after the sports network and football legend Joe Montana.

ESPN's mother, Leann, had promised Rusty that if they ever had a son he could pick the name, according to The Associated Press. "We were the talk of the hospital," Rusty observed.

Pronounce it "espen."

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