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Toddler likes Mike, but he loves Lucy

It wasn't hard to tell whom Ben Blakely supported during the elections.

The toddler sported an "I like Mike" button. He's the grandson of Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely.

But Holly Hollman reports that when someone asked Ben what his button said, his grandpa wasn't always his favorite.

"I wuv Woo-cee," he often replied, meaning, "I love Lucy."

Ben's support wasn't enough to put Lucy Baxley in the governor's seat, but his grandpa won re-election without opposition.

Outta here

When Roger Whitt said his goodbyes to the Limestone County Board of Education, he told colleagues about a nightmare.

Roger didn't run for re-election but said he dreamed there was a write-in campaign, according to Holly.

"In my dream, I got re-elected," Roger said. "Talk about scary."

Zoning light

A meeting of the Decatur Board of Zoning Adjustment took a lighthearted turn on Halloween, Melanie Smith reports.

Pocahontas, otherwise known as Patricia Funari, kept minutes and called the roll.

Building director Jimmy Brothers told one approved applicant that she could go get her business license, but she might have trouble getting anything from the department that day unless it was candy.

Jimmy asked another applicant planning a home sewing business if she did cuffs.

Touring with Doolittle

Faye Hooper of Decatur went to Washington as guest of the American Veterans Center, which honored her late husband, Vietnam War hero Staff Sgt. Joe Ronnie Hooper, on Saturday.

Also honored were the Doolittle Raiders of World War II. Faye told Ronnie Thomas of another time she was in Washington and renewed acquaintances with the Raiders' leader, Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle.

"All of the other women wanted to see the crown jewels of England," Faye said. "But Doolittle took me on a tour of the Smithsonian.

"He said, 'We're gonna look at the planes that I set records in. They will never be broken because those planes are obsolete.' "

Faye recalls walking around with him for about six hours "with my mouth open. It seemed like 30 minutes."

Thank the troops

Xerox Corp. has set up a Web site,, so Americans can thank members of our Armed Forces overseas.

Amy Pollick says you can go to the site, pick out a card from the designs available, and choose a message. Xerox prints the card and sends it to a man or woman serving overseas.

The service is free, and the organization Give2TheTroops will distribute the cards in care packages.

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