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Nurse and dog really get around

M.J. Ellington says a patient at Kirklin Clinic in Birmingham was impressed with the industriousness of a nurse whose leg was in a walking cast.

“She sure gets around,” the patient remarked to another employee. She noted that the nurse had made at least eight trips through the waiting room in a half-hour, maneuvering past furniture and through heavy doors.

“She broke her leg,” explained the other employee. “Bet she didn’t tell you how she did it.”

No, she hadn’t.

“It was a pretty day and she was playing leapfrog with her dog. We’ve given her a bit of a hard time about it.”

Birds of a feather

A reader provided the best comment connecting two unrelated events that took place in the same week — The Daily’s redesign and the Iron Bowl:

“Instead of putting obituaries in sports section, place Alabama football in obits section.”

What’s that noise?

Bill Owens of Decatur rescues snakes in his spare time. Since Bill urged people in a Daily story to call him at 221-7825 instead of killing the belly crawlers, people have taken note.

Falkville police asked Bill to remove a snake from a man’s truck, which had been unused for a couple of months.

Chris Paschenko says Bill was headed out the door when the officer called back. The noise coming from the truck was man-made.

“The officer took his stick and banged it on the truck,” Bill said. “It was just a short in the electrical wiring.”

(Not) a Christmas bonus

In keeping with a tradition dating back to the 1960s, the Decatur City Council approved a one-time pay increase for all full-time employees.

Ken Smith, personnel director, said each of the 521 full-time employees on the late November payroll would receive a one-time increase of $100.

Ken said the increase is not a Christmas bonus, even though it was added at the last minute to the council agenda in order to appear on the Dec. 8 employee payroll.

Chris learned that the city used to give hams in lieu of money, but the process changed after those who were on vacation asked to have their meat shipped to them across the country.

Bad place or good?

Dave Gilmartin’s book “The Absolutely Worst Places to Live in America” listed St. Cloud, Minn., calling it “just about the most joyless and depressing university town imaginable.”

Locals in St. Cloud, of course, disagree, citing its many opportunities to enjoy nature as well as recreation, education and small-town values, according to Scripps Howard News Service.

“It’s a nice, clean, safe place,” says Julie Lunning, executive director of the local visitors’ bureau. “We love it.”

You have to take “best” and “worst” lists with a grain of salt. Dave has never visited St. Cloud and based his choice on comments received over the Internet.

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