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Playtime was practice for good deeds

Carol Bolding, director of the Committee on Church Cooperation, is proud of her daughter, Caki, for setting up a hot chocolate stand recently to raise money for the CCC.

But it wasn’t the first time Caki did something nice for the CCC, which she visited often with her mother while growing up.

Caki is now a sixth-grader, but Carol told Danielle Komis that when she was about 5, she and a friend went around the neighborhood in Old Decatur and collected cans in the same way CCC does to feed people. Carol discovered the cans behind the bathtub.

“They were playing CCC,” she laughed. “I mean, they weren’t even supposed to be out of the yard.”

The girls had even crossed out the barcodes with a marker, as they had seen done at the CCC.

Neighborly churches

While Falkville First United Methodist Church at 253 E. Main St. burned Monday, its pastor, the Rev. Kenneth Weldon, got a visit from a guy in the neighborhood.

The Rev. Shaun Kennedy, minister of First Baptist Church doors away at 305 E. Main, invited Kenneth and his congregation to join his church Sunday for services, according to Ronnie Thomas.

Shaun also told Kenneth that if he preferred, First Baptist could arrange a schedule so the Methodists could use the facility for their own services.

Married? Yes or no

U.S. District Court Judge Scott Coogler had a long list of questions to ask a jury before a trial could begin in Decatur.

He needed straight answers, but didn’t want to spend all day. So when Scott asked the jurors for their marital status, Eric Fleischauer reports, he interrupted himself.

“Before you start answering, now, we’re not looking for ‘happily’ or ‘we had a fight last night.’ You’re married or you’re not married; that’s all we need to know.”

Fruit of the vine

The folks at Welch’s want you to know that you can enjoy the health benefits of red wine without the alcohol by buying their product, grape juice.

Concord grape juice works similarly to red wine in keeping blood flowing freely through your arteries, and grape juice has more antioxidants than wine, according to studies cited by Welch’s.

Antioxidants decrease disease risk and delay age-related conditions. So why has red wine gotten more press coverage than grape juice as a healthy beverage? Probably because wine is more fun.

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