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Pro football player minds his grandma

Tennessee Titans starting offensive tackle David Stewart is a good boy, his grandmother reports.

“He always has been,” Diane Culbert of Moulton said. “He says ‘Yes, ma’am’ and ‘No, sir’ to adults. We’ve never had any problems out of him.”

But one problem came up when The Daily published David’s picture, Deangelo McDaniel reports.

“Tell him I want those sideburns shaved,” Diane said.

David got a haircut, but he didn’t completely shave the sideburns.

“I gotta try to keep Grandma happy,” he said.

Good ride gone

Mandy Johnson of Hartselle told Ronnie Thomas that her daughter, Molly, 4, was all right with her grandmother, Linda Huskey of Hartselle, giving her car to a struggling Decatur family. But it didn’t rest well with her son, Jayce, 8.

“Jayce doesn’t like change, and he enjoyed riding in that car,” Mandy said. “But after we told him why Mother was giving it away, he understood.”

Mandy also said that her mother filled the gas tank before driving the car to Decatur.

“I wondered if it would run after that,” Mandy said. “I think that was the first time she had ever filled it.”

Cyber Santa

Neal Holland, chairman of the Decatur Utilities board, told fellow board members and visitors, including Melanie Smith, about a memorable Christmas moment with one of his children.

The son, 6, wasn’t forthcoming with what he really wanted under the tree. Neal and his wife thought that a visit to Santa would help.

Listening in as the boy sat in Santa’s lap, Neal heard Santa ask, “What would you like for Christmas?” The boy asked Santa if he had a computer. Santa said he did. The child said, “I’ll e-mail you.”

Southern delicacy

When Holly Hollman and two of her friends went to Jackson, Wyo., on vacation, they learned quickly that no one there served sweet tea.

“Not on this side of the Mississippi,” one waiter told Holly.

It soon became a game the trio played, asking if the tea was sweet just to see what response they got.

At a barbecue place called Bubba’s, they thought the waiter might say sweet tea was available.

“No,” the waiter replied, dashing their hopes. “Ours is the Yankee version.”

Stay for dinner

Breaking into a home apparently creates an appetite, The Associated Press reports.

The burglar who broke into David Palmer’s house in Wellsville, Ohio, took coins, a camera and other items and then stopped to make a sandwich, police said. He opened a loaf of bread and left an empty cheese wrapper.

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