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Republicans were scarce in old days

In recalling her days as Morgan County presidential campaign manager for the late Gerald R. Ford, Mitch Coon of Hartselle told Ronnie Thomas about some of her other grand times for the Grand Ole Party.

These occurred when the "solid South" was a Democrat bastion.

"When Dwight Eisenhower ran against Adlai Stevenson in 1952, my dad, H.R. Mitchell, stretched a canvas banner reading 'Vote for Ike' across East Main Street," Mitch said.

"Someone shredded it within a week. We let the shreds fly in the breeze until after the election and Eisenhower had won."

Lonely job

Mitch said when she was 18, couldn't vote and was a student at Birmingham-Southern College, she set up a table and handed out "Ike" material that her father got together.

"I was probably the only conservative ever to graduate there," said the member of the Class of 1955.

She said she and her father were the first GOP poll watchers in Alabama.

"There just weren't many of us (Republicans) in the state back then," she said.

Don't jump ...

When someone yells a compliment, don't assume you are the target.

That's a lesson Hartselle Mayor Dwight Tankersley and Daily reporter Deangelo McDaniel learned the hard way.

While they were returning to City Hall from a Christmas luncheon with Public Works Director Byron Turney, a woman yelled "Hey, sexy!" from her vehicle.

The mayor and reporter turned around, and she promptly told them she was not talking to them.

"I've thought a lot of things about Byron," the mayor said. "But sexy ain't one of them."

... to conclusions

Bayne Hughes reports that in Alabama's final two football games, an Auburn fan and an Oklahoma State fan each loudly proclaimed the game as "over" to surrounding fans when their teams went up two touchdowns on the Tide.

But, in both games, the Crimson Tide turned those two fans red-faced with a touchdown on the next play. Hartselle's Nikita Stover scored on a 52-yard touchdown pass after Auburn went up 14-3 in the first half, while Javier Arenas' 86-yard punt return came after Oklahoma State built a 31-17 lead in the fourth quarter of the Independence Bowl.

The Tide's rallies in both games were unsuccessful, but they showed those two fans that the game isn't over until it's over.

Good dog?

About 6 in 10 pet owners were buying holiday gifts for their animals, even though many of those animals were guilty of bad conduct, according to an unscientific poll conducted before Christmas for Merial, an animal health company, and passed along by Patrice Stewart.

Forty percent of dog owners said their dogs jump on or bark at guests in their homes, and 36 percent said their dogs jump on or bark at strangers on the street. But only 17 percent expected Santa to classify their canines as "naughty."

Forty-nine percent of dog owners and 69 percent of cat owners sleep in bed with their pets. Sixty-five percent of dog owners offer pets scraps of their own food, and 54 percent say their dogs stare at them while they eat.

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