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Children and grandchildren come in pairs

The identical twin 23-year-old daughters of Courtland’s Scott and Dianne Letson came close to having babies on the same day.

Rachel Wendling and Rebekah Brewer gave birth Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 at Parkway Medical Center in Decatur.

George Caleb Wendling and Allie McKinley Brewer don’t look much like each other, says Rachel — they look like their dads, George Wendling Jr. and Adam Brewer.

Scott says his grandson is more “rambunctious” than his granddaughter. Rachel admits that George is “a little bit on the fussy side,” while Allie is content, happy and calm.

The parents and grandparents are looking forward to the children growing up together around Courtland.

“I’m sure we’ll do joint birthday parties the first few years till they get big enough to not want to do that,” says Rachel.

A dog and spam

Carnac the Magnificent, the Johnny Carson character reprised annually by Tommy Daniels for the Decatur Kiwanis Club, had a question for every answer Thursday. We can’t say which are factual, though.

  • Lucky the dog. Who’s the front-runner to replace Joel Gilliam as police chief?

  • An electric scooter with oxygen bottle attached. What was the favorite gift at John Godwin’s baby shower? (John is 46.)

  • “I like it better on eggs.” What was Stacy George’s response to spam on the county computer?

    One more joke ...

    Patrice Stewart, who reported the information above, says Carnac took a parting shot at his audience:

    “May your next family reunion be at the Beaver Dam boardwalk” (in Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge).

    The only good lawyer ...

    A prospective juror in a federal trial in Decatur expressed reservations as to whether she could fairly evaluate the testimony of some proposed witnesses.

    Quizzed by the judge, Eric Fleischauer reports, she said the problematic witnesses were lawyers. She works with many lawyers.

    “Are you uncomfortable with lawyers generally?” inquired the judge.

    “No,” she said. “Just the ones I have to talk to.”

    Shackled and hitched

    A judge was available, so David Kite and Victoria Smith tied the knot. Then somebody slammed the cell door.

    It happened in Belleville, Ill., where David, 23, pleaded guilty to stealing a lawn mower and got a five-year sentence.

    He asked Judge John Baricevic for a furlough so he could get married.

    The judge figured this wasn’t enough of an emergency to give a furlough, but he granted their request for a quick wedding.

    The groom wore an orange jumpsuit, shackles and handcuffs, according to The Associated Press; the bride’s attire was a T-shirt and sweat pants.

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