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SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2007

Steve Stewart

Beating swords into plowshares

Ed Price, a native of Priceville, recently garnered attention from a CBS News Web Journal.

Dan Price, who is Ed’s brother, found the article written by Mary Walsh on Katie Couric & Co.’s Web site, and forwarded it to Chris Paschenko.

Ed, director of Norman E. Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture at Texas A&M, was recognized for his work in developing agriculture in Iraq.

Despite the danger of traveling in Iraq, Ed said, he’s “building the peace by building agriculture.” He said he’s drawing inspiration from A&M graduates serving in Iraq.

Reason to celebrate

The Rev. Milton Proctor said he took a rare personal privilege in his pulpit recently for his 20th wedding anniversary.

The pastor of Garner Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church called his wife, Teresa, to stand beside him. He described her as supportive and uncomplaining about the 10 moves they’ve made together.

Milton presented her with roses and a diamond ring that he picked out, he told Melanie Smith.

The congregation had cake and ice cream afterward with the couple. He has served Garner Memorial 4˝ years.

They’re the experts

Sen. Hank Sanders, D-Selma, tried to answer questions on the Senate floor from Sen. Jimmy Holley, D-Elba, who said he did not understand an amendment to a bill.

The two bantered in courtly Senate etiquette, but the answer was not clear to “the gentleman from Elba,” M.J. Ellington reports.

The gentleman from Selma, who is a lawyer, said he is no expert in the subject — he was just presenting what attorneys for the governor and Retirement Systems of Alabama said was correct.

Finally Hank said: “I’m just going with the program because I think they know what they’re doing more than I know what I’m doing.”

Teacher lobbyists

Priceville Elementary School teacher Chuck Yeager had his students write thank-you letters to Morgan County Board of Education members in appreciation for their service on the board.

Bayne Hughes reports that either the students really like their teacher or they want to get in his good graces, because school board member Betty Hackett said two or three asked the board to give Chuck a raise.

Superintendent Bob Balch said Chuck and his students should know that the Alabama Education Association is trying to get all Alabama teachers a 7 percent raise from the Legislature.

Arrest me, officer

The right to remain silent is lost on some criminals.

In Stevens Point, Wis., a 24-year-old man called police to tell them he needed help breaking into a church with a shovel. He said he had hoped to get married there.

Searching the man, officers found marijuana. He invited them to his home, where he said they’d find more drugs. They did: marijuana and stolen prescription medicine.

They charged him with criminal damage to property and possession of drugs and paraphernalia, AP reported.

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