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SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2007

Steve Stewart

Night vigil on burglars gets acclaim

Steve Bauer wasn’t expecting calls from around the nation and from Marines overseas when he helped capture a couple who twice broke into his Athens store.

In March, Steve spent the night at his office and caught the woman after she broke in. He held her at gunpoint.

The man fled in his pickup, and Steve fired at his tires but the bullet ricocheted and hit the window of a dry cleaners. Athens police later arrested a suspect.

The Associated Press picked up Holly Hollman’s story about Steve.

Among his callers were a radio show from Des Moines, Iowa, and a group of Marines.

“The Marines said, ‘Semper Fi. Keep up the good work,’ ” Steve told Holly.

Golfer’s fame spreads

Ralph Terry’s status as the oldest golfer but the only walker in his foursome at Cedar Ridge Golf Course got mentioned on Paul Harvey’s national “News & Comment” radio show Thursday.

David Miller of Decatur called The Daily to say he’d heard it.

Paul picked it up from an item Ronnie Thomas contributed to this column. Paul took poetic license and connected Ralph with an unrelated column item (from Bayne Hughes) about Rick Joiner stowing his fish in his wader while trout-fishing in Arkansas.

You can listen to the broadcast at and find the column here.

Good-humor man

Mention of Paul Harvey reminds me of Charlie Bayles of Franklin in Monroe County, a co-worker who was one of Paul’s fans. Charlie has been dead almost 30 years, but Paul is still broadcasting at age 88.

If you walked by Charlie, he’d stop you to tell a quick tale or two, such as how his World War II buddies in Italy made fun of this classified ad in his county newspaper: “For sale: one typewriter and one mule, both in good condition.”

Often Charlie’s tale was something he’d heard Paul Harvey say.

Every workplace needs a Charlie. Only after he was gone did I realize that he’d made our jobs not only more fun but also less tense and more productive.

Starving the beetles

Wes Isom’s comment to Seth Burkett on the freeze devastating his peach and apple crops in Athens:

“Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

“The good news is that it’s still dry, so we might not have to fool with Japanese beetles as much this year.

“But on the other hand, they won’t have anything to eat anyway.”

Legal tender

Karl Stepen, a business owner in Fowlerville, Mich., lost a case in small claims court and paid his $335 judgment in pennies.

“We paid him in legal U.S. currency,” Karl said of the plaintiff, Bob Wilson. They had a dispute over repair of a dirt bike.

But Karl admitted he was showing contempt for the man who sued him, according to The Associated Press.

I wonder what would happen if you paid the IRS in pennies.

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