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SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2007

Steve Stewart

Back to the hospital, but as a nurse

“It happened for a reason,” Yvette Stackhouse says about her daughter losing a foot. “As Christians, we know God has a plan, and that was just part of his plan, so that Danielle could help people.”

She was speaking of daughter Danielle Johnson’s accident during Memorial Day weekend while driving a personal watercraft.

Despite the injury, Danielle, 14, an eighth-grader, made Priceville High School’s junior varsity cheering squad.

She told Ronnie Thomas that she figured out what she wanted to do in life while lying in Children’s Hospital at Birmingham.

“My goal is to become a registered nurse there,” she said.

Power play

Rep. Mike Ball, R-Huntsville, likes neckties that make a statement, says M.J. Ellington.

One of his favorites is “Mickey Mouse Wrestling” — an illustration, he says, of political power in the state House of Representatives.

The tie shows a wrestling ring with a delighted Donald Duck jumping up and down on a flattened Mickey.

In Mike’s mind, Donald is House Majority Leader Ken Guin, D-Carbon Hill, while the flattened Mickey represents House Minority Leader Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn.

Child at heart

At the recently opened “Off the Walls” indoor playplace in Decatur, 6-year-old Lauryn Johnson’s father told Danielle Komis his favorite aspect of the playplace — the fact that the inflatables and oversized tricycles are sturdy enough for adults to play on, too.

“Sometimes adults have to sit back and just watch them, but this way you can participate,” Michael Johnson said, soon after dismounting a tricycle.

Tail tells a tale

My wife claims the dog likes her better than the dog likes me. Now we have a way to test it.

Italian researchers have found that if a dog feels good about someone or something, it wags its tail mostly to the right; if it has negative feelings, it wags to the left.

This startling news was the most popular story recently on the stately Web site of The New York Times.

We’ll try the wag test on our dog and let you know what we find. Maybe.

John Deere limo

Alissa Bachmeier wore a lime green prom dress that nearly matched her transportation, but she was afraid the dress would get dirty.

Not to worry. Her date, high school senior Levi Rue, cleaned up the 1992 green John Deere 8760 farm tractor before picking her up.

Levi got a lot of stares and waves as he drove her around New Rockford, N.D., en route to the prom, according to The Associated Press.

“A few people made bets with me that I wouldn’t do it,” Levi said. “I guess I won them.”

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