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SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2007

Steve Stewart

Finders not keepers for Athens boy

Athens mother Cindy Potts was proud when her 12-year-old son Dakota found money at Coxey Church of Christ and gave it to the preacher.

The preacher, Daniel Ridinger, told Dakota if no one claimed the $5, he could keep it for being honest.

When no one came forward, Daniel commended Dakota at church and gave him the money.

What Dakota did next made his mother even happier. When Holly Hollman asked Cindy what Dakota spent his money on, she replied, “He gave it to the church. I’m even more proud of him for that.”

Bidders impressed

People who turned out for the annual property tax sale at the Morgan County Courthouse appeared to be serious buyers, many looking at their purchases as investments.

Sheryl Marsh says many of them complimented Revenue Commissioner Amanda Scott for her expertise in handling the auction.

“You did an excellent job,” one woman told Amanda.

By law, revenue commissioners must hold yearly auctions of properties for which taxes were not paid.

Whose bright idea?

After months of training, Daily photographer Emily Saunders and reporter Kristen Bishop went to Nashville to run the Country Music Marathon.

By mile 21, they were sweaty, exhausted and trying to remember what had ever motivated them to do something so ridiculously painful. With 5.2 more grueling miles to go, the following conversation took place:

Emily: “Just so you know, I would’ve stopped running if you weren’t here.”

Kristen: “Just so you know, I wouldn’t have even shown up for this if you weren’t here.”

Emily: “Well, I wouldn’t have ever started running if you hadn’t gotten me into it.”

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