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SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2007

Steve Stewart

Dumpster divers find dead doll

Scavengers sifting through a trash bin behind Gateway Shopping Center on Tuesday night made a gruesome find.

False alarm: It wasn’t really a body.
Daily photo by John Godbey
False alarm: It wasn’t really a body.
Decatur police told Seth Burkett the scavengers rushed to the police station to report discovering part of a human corpse.

Police searched the bin and found the torn-off limb lying in a puddle of red liquid. It turned out to be a mannequin’s arm in what appeared to be water tinged by the bin’s rusty bottom.

A trash bag mostly covered the other arm.

The mannequin’s head, torso and legs remained unaccounted for.

Don’t embarrass Mother

Bettye Jackson was ready with warnings for her sometimes-outspoken son, who is Decatur City Council president, when writer Patrice Stewart and photographer Gary Cosby Jr. arrived for an interview just before Mother’s Day.

“Now you be careful what you say, Billy, because they know I’m kin to you,” she told him.

Police greetings

While waiting for everyone to arrive for Ardmore’s police memorial, Police Chief Doc Oliver heckled spectators as they entered.

The department is housed in a former church, and Doc stood behind the pulpit and spoke to each person coming in the door.

He told the reporters he was glad they came.

“They’ll show up if you have food,” Doc told Holly Hollman.

Doc had the police chiefs and sheriffs from Alabama and Tennessee sit up front behind him. He told Limestone Sheriff Mike Blakely to come to the front, but Mike opted to sit in the crowd.

“He knows we’re all better-looking than him,” Doc said.

2 cents’ worth

Visiting the Decatur post office Tuesday, the day after the price to mail a letter went up, I learned that I wasn’t the only one buying 2-cent stamps.

“I went through 38,000 yesterday, and it’ll probably take that many today,” the clerk told me. (He explained that the number was for the post office, not him alone.)

After buying my 25 stamps, I got my money back when a clerk informed me that I could mail a $7 package for $4.60 by using the flat-rate Priority Mail envelope.

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