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The profits of higher education

Hazlewood High senior Demetrius Garner spent plenty of time shaking hands and receiving accolades for his academic achievements at the school’s award day ceremonies Friday.

He was named valedictorian and Mr. Hazlewood, and collected a handful of certificates and scholarships.

Auburn alumni representative Johnny Yates presented Demetrius with three scholarships to Auburn, Mike Wetzel reports.

“He’s got so many scholarships down there, he’ll be making money just going to school there,” Johnny said.

Johnny, the school’s former principal, also reminded the assembly of students, faculty and parents that it has been 2,000 days since Auburn has lost to Alabama in football.

Traveling with the kids

Bernie Blake, who lives in Southeast Decatur, has been seeing and hearing geese overhead as they traveled between Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge and a lake on the Burningtree Country Club golf course.

Two adult geese learned that they couldn’t fly with their children, though. As a result, what Bernie calls “two honkers and two beepers” tried to get to the golf course by walking through his subdivision.

Alas, it was too far. They turned back a few hundred feet short of the lake.

Clippings as wallpaper

Ashley Hargrove, summer intern in the sports department at The Daily, woke up one morning last week to find her “In My Opinion” column on the front of her refrigerator.

Ashley’s mom, Jane, commented on her piece by saying, “I usually don’t agree with your opinion, but I can handle agreeing with you on this one.”

After seeing another one of her clips on the refrigerator the next morning, Ashley wonders if her mom plans to wallpaper the house with her articles before her summer stint is complete.

Bama in the Bible

Religious references to sports teams — in hymns and the Bible — got some attention in this column a few months ago. But here’s one we missed, Ezekiel 20:29:

“Then I said unto them, What is the high place whereunto ye go? And the name thereof is called Bamah to this day.”

This was the Scripture reading at the funeral for Robert Robinson, an Alabama fan who lived in the Rainsville area. Robert was buried, of course, in a crimson casket with the University of Alabama seal. Warren St. John tells about it in his book “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer: A Journey into the Heart of Fan Mania.”

A night at the bar

Police in Upper Darby, Pa., say Joseph Michael McDevit, a homeless man, broke into Clarkie’s Goal Post bar. He grilled hamburgers, drank a few beers and took a nap.

He came back, perhaps expecting an encore, at a bad time. The Associated Press reports that investigators were inside, searching for fingerprints from the previous night’s break-in. Joseph, 48, faces charges of burglary, criminal trespass, theft and receiving stolen property.

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