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SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2007

Steve Stewart

Man with a nose for news is 99

George Washington Royer is giving the victory sign as he sits in his wheelchair and greets folks Sunday.

George is 99, one year away from his goal — 100. He is part of the Daily family, and we’ve celebrated some milestones with cake and ice cream here at the newspaper. George still would be visiting the newsroom twice a week had his legs not given way.

He has a theory that reporters and editors know more than they print. He is always interested in political gossip.

Regina Wright says he would have made a good reporter because he quickly made friends with switchboard operator Irene Flack and her successor, Thelma Richey. He figured that the people who answered the telephone had their ears to the pulse of the city.

George is surely one of our oldest readers. He still subscribes and “keeps up.”

Happy birthday, George, from Thelma and the newsroom.

Cheese, please

Carrie Beth Grant went to dinner with friends, Julie Woller and Julie’s 2-year-old son, Ryan.

Carrie’s father, Decatur City Schools Superintendent Sam Houston, told Bayne Hughes that Ryan ordered cheese as his drink.

“They just laughed, and then ordered him a drink and cheese dip,” Sam said.

While they were waiting for their food, Ryan grabbed the bowl with two hands and began pouring it into his mouth, down his face and all over his body.

Sam said the boy doesn’t like to get his hands dirty, so he wiped both cheese-covered hands on his mom’s dark jacket before the two women noticed the mess he was making.

“I guess he was serious when he wanted cheese to drink,” Sam said with a laugh.

Auburn Oreo-dunking

Moulton City Council member Brent White was bragging about his son’s expert Oreo-dunking skills to other council members.

Brent, an Auburn University graduate, said Trace, 12, knows exactly how long he can dunk the cookie in milk before it crumbles and falls apart.

Councilman Farrell Saint flashed his signature mischievous smile and said, “They teach you guys that stuff down at Auburn, don’t they?”

Brent, unfazed, didn’t skip a beat, according to Kristen Bishop.

“Yep, they got a whole class on it.”

Dressing for success

Accused mob boss Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano, former owner of a beauty salon, ran out of fresh dress shirts for his New York murder trial.

He had to wear a T-shirt under his gray suit jacket until Judge Nicholas Garaufis came to his rescue, according to The Associated Press.

The judge offered a blue shirt and yellow tie that he keeps on hand for such occasions.

Vinny liked the outfit.

“I would do my shopping here,” he told the judge.

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