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News breaks out, and it’s back to work

Jan Crawford Greenburg moved at a lightning pace after her July 28 book signing at Brewer High School, Ronnie Thomas reports.

Jan, a Brewer graduate, is a best-selling author as well as legal correspondent for ABC News.

Her mother, Carolyn Crawford, said Jan and daughters Carolyn, 10, and Louisa, 8, were to depart Birmingham on Sunday, the next day. Husband Doug had left Huntsville early Sunday. The two youngest children remained with their grandparents in Ryan.

“They canceled Jan’s flight because of the weather,” Carolyn Crawford said, “and she and the children didn’t get out until Monday afternoon. ABC called home (Carolyn’s house) looking for her. Chief Justice (John) Roberts had a seizure earlier in the day at his summer home in Maine.”

On camera

Jan went to work from the airport, the daughters in tow.

“Doug had to go pick them up,” Carolyn said. “Jan did an update from the Supreme Court building on Roberts’ condition for ABC’s regular news and appeared later on ‘Nightline.’

“She got home after 1 a.m. and was up early Tuesday morning for ‘Good Morning America.’ She went straight from there to Maine.

“I asked her did she get any sleep. She said, ‘Not much.’ ”

Startled youths, pool panic

Reporter Paul Huggins was relieved when he responded to a police call.

A scanner report of a child drowning drew him to Skyview Street Southwest, but upon arrival he found the pool owner, Abel Rodriguez, calmly answering police questions.

About eight neighborhood children had climbed over his wood fence for an uninvited swim. When Abel came outside, one boy became so frightened that it looked as if he were going to drown.

His friends yanked him out and led him back over the fence.

Flocking to food

A walk around Wilson Morgan Park these days means watching out for the geese and duck “leavings” on the path.

But the critters have found a happy home at the lake.

One Sunday evening, a crowd of people stopped their exercise at the lake to feed birds. The birds came to shore en masse, unafraid.

Two men shared the bread they’d brought with Melanie and Mark Smith and others who wanted to join the feeding frenzy.

One man said he’d once counted 130 birds.

Every time he approaches with a bag, the birds come to meet him, he said. But they ignore him if he has only his fishing pole.

In the well-fed flock were Canada geese, mallard ducks and a domestic goose.

A generous ATM

An ATM at a truck stop in Mansfield, La., was giving out $20 bills instead of 5s, and $7,000 got away before somebody caught on.

DeSoto Parish sheriff’s Lt. Toni Morris has a message for the 26 people who received extra cash: We know who you are.

ATMs keep records, and somebody could get arrested, Toni said, according to The Associated Press.

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