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Guilty party could be one in the mirror

You’d better be careful about fussing at your wife about the cell phone bill, says Deangelo McDaniel.

At least, that’s the message Greg Shadden of Decatur had to learn.

Greg and his wife, Renee, decided to change their cell service. They ordered new phones at no cost online and switched to a $35-per-month service.

When the $91 bill arrived, Greg had a few questions for his wife. As it turned out, Greg had exceeded the plan’s minutes while receiving two calls from friends.

“He thought his friends were being charged for the minutes,” Renee reports.

Smoking or nonsmoking?

When entrepreneur Steven Tolbert applied for a lounge license for his business TK’s at a Decatur City Council meeting Monday, District 5 Councilman Ray Metzger asked if the business would allow smoking.

“I guess that depends on the mayor,” Steven said.

Evan Belanger notes that just minutes before, the council approved an ordinance that would forbid smoking in TK’s and other public places.

Mayor Don Kyle is considering a veto.

More ice, please

The Austin High School marching band does not suffer in silence.

In scorching August heat, reports Eric Fleischauer, the group struggled through band camp, swigging Gatorade at every opportunity.

Hearing the music and aware of the heat, members of Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church refilled several Austin coolers with ice. Westmeade Baptist Church offered to do the same, as did Decatur General West.

The music was all Austin’s, but the students’ survival was a community effort.

Who you gonna call?

A long-lived telephone outage at The Daily brought memories of simpler times, when Myrtle Fore handled such things fast at Monroeville Telephone Co.

Those were the days when people in the Monroe County countryside had party lines, direct distance dialing was still a novelty, and you dialed “0” instead of 911 to get the operator to set off the siren for the volunteer fire department.

If your phone was on the blink, you could call Myrtle and she’d get it fixed.

Nowadays, some companies have “ombudsmen” to field complaints and cut red tape. Myrtle was the definition of ombudsman.

Making tracks

Four teenagers who broke into a gas station in Pasadena, Md., were a little too eager to devour the candy bars they stole, according to police quoted by The Associated Press.

They left a trail of candy wrappers along the road. Those, along with a tracking dog, led police to the culprits a quarter-mile away.

“Never heard of a K-9 having that extra help in completing a track,” said police Cpl. Mark Shawkey.

Three boys and a girl, ages 15 and 16, were charged with burglary and theft.

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